Hand & body lotion can help jock itch but it is unlikely to cure it. Certain lotion may take away some redness or itchiness due to some of the calming ingredients that lotion has. Not all lotion has the same high-quality ingredients that may be needed to help jock itch. We will go through the best lotion later on in the post. The best treatment for jock itch is an anti-fungal cream.

What Is Jock Itch?

Jock itch is when your skin gets irritated from a fungal infection. Most likely a rash will appear in the area of the upper inner areas of the thigh and groin. Sometimes small bumps also appear with jock itch if it gets irritated enough. Both men and women are able to get jock itch.

How Do You Get Jock Itch?

There are two ways that people can get jock itch. It can spread from person to person or it can show up on its own kind of like a fungal infection. The same fungus that causes jock itch could also cause athletes foot. You want to avoid using the same towel for both going over your feet and jock itch. Jock itch can spread very easily if not taken care of properly.

Fungal Infection:

A person can get jock itch from having a dark, damp, environment on the skin. This mainly happens around the inner upper thighs and around the groin area. A lot of people can get jock itch from working out from sweating or by taking a shower and not drying the area completely.

The weather can have a role on jock itch as well. Hot and humid weather could make jock itch more likely. If you wear clothing that doesn’t fit right or irritates the skin can cause jock itch as well.

From Another Person:

Jock itch can spread from person to person. This can happen if you share any clothing with another individual that has jock itch or by sharing the same towel. Jock itch can also spread by skin to skin contact with an individual who has it. This can include sexual activity or if a person touches their jock itch and then an area on your body.

Best Lotion For Jock Itch:

The best lotion you can get for jock itch is the kind with the least amount of synthetic ingredients and alcohol in it. These ingredients can cause more irritating including burning, itching, redness, and stinging. Stick to a lotion that has calming ingredients in them. Some include honey, oatmeal, and lavender.


Honey is a great choice for helping with jock itch. Honey is naturally antibacterial so it may help a little with treating jock itch. It probably won’t completely heal jock itch the way that an anti-fungal cream would. Honey is also very soothing and moisturizing for the skin. This can help calm down or take away some of the redness from jock itch.


You can’t go wrong with having oatmeal in your lotion. Oatmeal just not for breakfast, it can help your skin as well. Oatmeal is great for inflammation. This is especially true if your jock itch has small painful bumps. Oatmeal in the lotion can also cleanse your skin and help provide the right kind of moisture. Oatmeal is a great combination after applying anti-fungal cream to help with jock itch.


Lavender oil can be great for the skin if it’s used in the right amounts. Too much lavender oil could cause irritation or even more redness. Lavender oil is great in lotion since it normally has the right amount in it.

Lavender oil is a good anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the redness of the jock itch. It’s also good for healing and may even help with minor pain. Make sure that the lotion is made with lavender oil and just doesn’t have a lavender fragrance that could irritate your skin more.

Those three ingredients are just a few of some ultra calming ingredients that are added to the lotion. Sometimes it may be hard to find a lotion that is safe and soothing at the same time.

When To See A Doctor For Jock Itch:

If you are applying anti-fungal cream and your jock itch doesn’t get any better or gets worse, see a doctor.  See a doctor if you ever experience severe pain or anything associated with it. A doctor can prescribe a more powerful medication compared to what they sell in the stores to help.

If the jock itch doesn’t go away after a few days or gets worse, you need to see a doctor. The earlier that you get to a doctor, the faster the jock itch can heal and get treated.

How Much Lotion To Use For Jock Itch:

It depends on how much lotion you should use if you have jock itch. Start off with a nickel-sized amount and work your way up if you happen to need more. There is no need to waste extra lotion if you don’t need to use it. More lotion doesn’t always mean faster results.

Lotion should never replace an antifungal cream for jock itch. The antifungal cream is what will kill the fungal infection. Regular lotion will do nothing to the jock itch except it may calm it down. If you had a choice between antifungal cream and lotion always choose antifungal cream for jock itch.

 If you are nursing or pregnant always ask your doctor first before using any lotions.

When To Use Lotion To Help Jock Itch:

You should always put on an antifungal cream before you apply any lotion to your jock itch. Follow your directions on the bottle of antifungal cream for how often to apply that. Whenever you apply anti-fungal cream wait 20-30 minutes can you can apply lotion. You should be able to apply the lotion up to three times a day.

The lotion isn’t formulated to help with jock itch. The job of the lotion is to help with some of the side effects of jock itch. The right lotion can help calm the skin down, reduce redness, reduce itching, and possibly help with redness.

Make sure that you use the right kind of lotion since some ingredients can sting, burn, itch, or cause even more irritation.

Will Lotion Prevent Jock Itch:

Lotion will not prevent jock itch. Jock itch is mainly caused by excess moisture in the upper thigh area of the skin or by getting it from another person. The best way to prevent jock itch is to take a shower after working out and drying off completely after taking a shower or working out.

Use A Powder:
Using a powder can help prevent excess moisture from occurring and may help prevent jock itch. I would recommend using a powder that is made from corn starch. This is because some people say that using talcum powder could have increased health risks.

You can apply the powder once a day or before your workout to help with excess moisture.

Certain types of lotion can be used to help jock itch, but not treat it on its own or prevent it from happening. Lotion can have great ingredients for helping heal the skin such as vitamin E oil oatmeal, and even honey.

When Not To Use Lotion For Jock Itch:

Lotion can be good for jock itch. However, you shouldn’t always use a lotion on jock itch. If you have a severe jock itch always see a doctor first before applying lotion.

Don’t use lotion on your jock itch right before you exercise or workout. This will make the lotion extremely hard to absorb into the skin. Wait around a half- hour to an hour before working out. However, applying lotion to jock itch after working out is better.

Don’t use a lotion before taking a shower. This can just wash off the lotion and that won’t help you any. The best time to apply lotion would be right after your shower.

Don’t use the lotion all over your body at the same time. Jock itch can spread easily to your feet and cause athletes foot. If you are applying lotion to more than just your jock itch, always put lotion on your jock itch last. Never put lotion on your jock itch first and then the rest of your body. The fungus could spread that way.

Don’t use any lotions that contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients. They might irritate the skin more and cause burning and itching. Also, look for a lotion that is fragrance and paraben-free. People say these ingredients can be bad for your skin and you could go without them.