It can be tricky a process to find the right lotion for itchy skin. From my personal experience, not just any lotion will work for itchy skin. It will have to have certain ingredients to help calm the skin. I listed above some of the ingredients that I would recommend for itchy skin.

Look for a lotion with those ingredients. It might be hard to find calming ingredients in lotions. Sometimes those ingredients are more expensive and companies want to keep costs low.

Finding The Right Lotion For Itchy Skin:

Look For The Right Ingredients:

To find the right lotion you will need to look for the right ingredients. I provided a small list of ingredients that are known by many people to be good for and calming to the skin. When an ingredient is calming to the skin it may help the itchy skin. Some calming ingredients also help take any redness away as well.

Never Buy From A Big Box Store:

I never buy lotion from the big box stores, especially if you have itchy skin. It may look like the big box stores have a big selection but when it comes down to it they really don’t have much to choose from for itchy skin.

Most of those products are full of synthetic ingredients as well as ingredients that could irritate your skin more. This will not help your itchy skin at all. Sometimes it may even make your skin itchier. Some stuff to look out for are alcohols, dyes, and fragrances.

All of that could irritate your skin more and may even cause more itchy skin.

Start With A Sample:

Starting with purchasing a small bottle of lotion is a really good way to see if it with help with your itchy skin. This does a few things. First, you won’t spend the extra money purchasing a larger bottle then what you need. This also gives you the chance to see how well the product works with itching. If it doesn’t work, you won’t out as much money. You will see how your skin reacts to the lotion and the ingredients. Some people might be allergic to certain ingredients and not even know it.

Watch Online Suppliers:

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the online websites before you buy their lotion. Some lotions you buy online can help with itchy skin but they also may be dangerous. Some online websites sell lotion that doesn’t have a preservative in it.

They say that this is a good thing but avoid this kind of lotion at all costs. A preservative will prevent and bacterial growth in the lotion. This means that your product can start getting mold in it a few days after it was made.

Avoid Synthetics:

I always avoid the synthetic ingredients when I pick out any lotion for my skin. It doesn’t matter if I have itchy skin or not. I believe there are better ingredients that are more helpful than synthetic ingredients have to offer. Some of these ingredients can be harsh on your skin and cause even more itchy skin.

Why Do We Get Itchy Skin?

The most common reason why we get itchy skin is from having dry skin. Itchy skin can also be a sign of a more serious problem. If you have hives or a rash along with the itchy skin, you need to go to a doctor right away.

You also can get itchy skin if you are allergic to something that is touching your skin. Some people are allergic to certain metals that jewelry is made up of. Perhaps it could be some kind of a bug bite.

Some people have sensitive skin and will get itchy skin from using the wrong kind of soap. They can get itchy skin either on their body and hands. You may be allergic to some kind of weed or flower.

Itchy skin can also come from an allergic reaction to some kinds of cosmetics as well.

The way we know to itch our skin is when our nerves and our skin cells send a signal to our spinal cord and then on to the brain. That is what causes us to scratch our itch.

What’s Causing The Itch?

It’s best to find out for sure what is causing your skin to itch. Try and isolate the itchy skin. Is it all random? Does it only come on at certain times of the day? Where on your skin is it itchy? Have you tried any new products lately? What time of the year is it?

Could it be allergies, dry skin, etc. I find that most of the people have itchy skin from dry skin. Some people also get itchy skin after they take a shower or bath.

Ingredients Good For Itchy Skin:

You should look for a different number of ingredients for itchy skin. Some ingredients will help soothe, reduce redness, and may even take away the itch on your skin. Of course, this all depends on why you have itchy skin in the first place. If you have itchy skin from dry skin, these ingredients should help very much.

I put together a small list of ingredients that could help itchy skin. Please note that you will not find any synthetic or harsh ingredients here. I believe those could worsen your itchy skin or at the very least, not help at all.

Aloe Vera

I have personally found each of these ingredients to be extremely calming and help with itchy skin. Many of these ingredients have been used for years to treat conditions with the skin. These are the number one ingredients that I look for in lotion when I have itchy skin. I really love having oatmeal or honey in my lotion to help when I get itchy skin.

Can Lotion Cause Itchy Skin?

Yes, some lotions can cause itchy skin. The reason your skin can itch after lotion could be caused by a few different reasons. The main reason is that your allergic to one of the ingredients in the lotion. Another reason lotion may cause itchy skin is if the lotion has synthetic ingredients in it.

Personally, I can’t use a lotion that has a lot of synthetic ingredients in it. My skin becomes irritated, red, and itchy. Other people I know don’t have this problem. Everyone’s skin is different and you need to find what works best for you.

Some questions to ask yourself are: How long have you been taking the lotion? When did you start itching? Have you itched from this lotion before? How long have you been itching?

It’s best to answer these questions to get it narrowed down to what can be causing itchy skin.

What To Do If Your Lotion Is Causing Itchy Skin:

If you found that the lotion is what is making you itch, it’s best to quit using the lotion. If the itching doesn’t stop or is severe you need to visit your doctor right away. Try another lotion. See if that one makes you itch. If another lotion makes you itch, compare both of the lotion bottle ingredients and try to see what ingredients could be causing it.

If another lotion you have doesn’t make you itch look at the difference in ingredients. After that, start buying lotion that has those ingredients in them compared to the other lotion.

No lotion that you apply to your skin should cause irritation or itchy skin. If it does, you might have a problem with one or more of the ingredients that are put into the lotion. Some people’s skin can’t tolerate the harsh alcohol or the synthetic ingredients that are put into many lotions today.

The Best Lotion For Itchy Skin:

From my experience, the best lotion for itchy skin should be free of all synthetic ingredients, alcohols, dyes, and perfumes. The lotion should also have some kind of ingredients that could help calm the skin down.

This will help make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the unnecessary ingredients. The lotion should also have ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, lavender, or aloe vera to help calm, soothe, and hydrate the skin.