Water softeners are supposed to help our skin. Here's what I found:

I always see commercials and people talking about water softeners. But, are they really good for our skin? Are they just another marketing gimmick?

I did some research and here’s what I found:


Problems with hard water:

Hard water can lead to a number of problems for your skin and appliances. This is caused by the high mineral buildup that naturally occurs in the water supply.

The two most common minerals that are in hard water are calcium and magnesium.
However, other minerals in water can cause problems as well.

Take a look at your tea kettle and look inside where you put the water.
Do you see anything at the bottom?

A lot of times hard water can leave behind a strong buildup in the bottom of your tea kettle.
This is usually a calcium buildup.

Every time you use the tea kettle, a small buildup of minerals is left behind and in the bottom.

Did you know that the same thing can happen to our skin?
These minerals can build upon our skin and cause many problems.

As you could guess, these minerals can do a lot of damage to our skin alone.

Here are some common skin problems with hard water:


Dry Skin:

The number one problem that most people recognize with hard water is dry skin. I have found that this is the most common side effect of hard water. It is also the side effect that people tend to notice first.

This is because hard water can leave a small film of minerals over the outer layer of our skin.

It can buildup over time and can even become hard to remove.
A lot of times, regular soap or shampoo won’t even remove this buildup.

It continues to buildup on our skin…

Eventually, the buildup will start to block and clog our pores. This makes it nearly impossible for the skin to hydrate itself since the pores are clogged.

This is when you can get dry skin.

Our skin usually does a decent job by hydrating itself by producing sebum oil. But, this process cant happen as well because our pores are blocked.

It makes it really hard for our skin to help moisturize itself.



Another problem that people often notice with hard water is skin irritation. Skin irritation should be addressed as soon as possible. It can be time-consuming trying to get rid of it once you have it.

Irritated skin can be anything from red skin to something worse. Anyone can get irritated skin but, some people seem to get it more often or worse than others.

The way that our skin can become irritated is from the minerals in hard water.

It’s really hard to say what exactly causes the irritation. However, a lot of medical experts suggest that overexposure to certain minerals in hard water can cause a lot of irritation.

A lot of times the minerals are calcium and magnesium.

But, different areas of the country have different minerals in their water that can cause irritation. It’s hard to blame it solely on just those two minerals.

If you have irritation from hard water, you probably know that you can get it all over your body.
This includes your entire skin and even your scalp.


Itchy Skin:

One problem that a lot of people run into with hard water is itchy skin. The minerals in the water may leave behind a small film, the same kind that happens with dry skin.

Over time these minerals can start to build up and cause itchy skin.

This can happen all over our bodies. Yet, the most common places are our skin and scalp. Anywhere that has a lot of exposure to the hard water can get itchy skin.

I remember growing up when I had hard water.

Every time I would get out of the shower I would get itchy skin. It seemed like nothing would prevent my skin from itching after my shower.

Then I started taking oatmeal baths!
I found that they really helped my skin a lot and I didn’t itch when I got out of the tub.

If you have itchy skin, I suggest that you give it a try.


Benefits of a water softener:

I remember the first time I used a water softener. It was many years ago and I was staying at my friend’s house. I was staying there for a couple of weeks.

A few days later, I told my friend that my skin was feeling so good after staying there.

They said that they had a water softener put in recently.

A water softener?
What’s that?

My friend went to say all the good benefits of having a water softener in their house.
They said someone even comes out to the house to fill it up so they don’t have to!

Ever since then I was noticing a ton of benefits from a water softener.

I was really impressed and decided to get my own.

Here are some of the best benefits of using a water softener:

Calm Skin:

If you know anything about my skin, it always used to become irritated at certain times of the year. I usually got red and irritated skin on my face about once a year.

I could never figure out what was causing it.

My irritated skin was always random and it was very hard to pattern. I would just get it suddenly. I didn’t change anything about my skin including the products or my skincare routine.

Calming products and lotions would really help my skin. But, I wanted to figure out what was causing it instead of covering up the problem.

However, getting a water softener changed that!

A few days after I first got a water softener, I noticed that my skin was very calm. Ever since then, I stopped getting red and irritated skin.

I couldn’t believe how calm a water softener made my skin.
This was literally in the first few days after getting it.

They are very nice machines and I really recommend getting one.

One of my friends has eczema and is really impressed about how much a water softener helps their skin. The said if they go somewhere without soft water, they always get a flare-up


Softer Skin:

Another great benefit that I noticed right away was softer skin. It seemed that my skin really changed within the first week of using a water softener. The way my skin started to feel was amazing.

I was shocked!

My skin wasn’t even that rough, to begin with.
I follow a skincare routine and have soft skin from that.

But, this just took it another step further.

It turns out that the mineral buildup from hard water can leave our skin rough and dry. When our skin starts to become dry, it may often turn and become scaly as well.

This can take a long time to heal and turn back to normal.

A water softener removes the minerals from the water. This can prevent the minerals from building up on our skin. Since the water softener removes the minerals from the water, it’s hard for them to build up on our skin.

This results in softer skin that is also more hydrated.


Better Hair:

One of my friends was just talking to me the other day about getting a water softener. They said that they just got one installed the other day.

I asked them how they liked it so far…

The first thing they said is that their hair was better.
I asked what they meant by that.

They said that their hair was softer, stronger and they didn’t have to use as much shampoo.
I asked if they were using any different products and they said they weren’t.

After looking into this more, I found out that water softeners can do a lot of good for our hair.

It turns out that calcium and magnesium in our water can stick to our hair and can become very hard to remove. Over time this builds up and can dry out our hair.

This can cause dry, frizzy, and weak hair.

Some people also notice dry scalp and more dandruff from washing their hair with hard water.


Less Breakouts:

One benefit of having a water softener is that you may get fewer acne breakouts. But, it depends on the type of skin you have and what is causing the breakouts.

Sometimes the breakouts can be caused by the side effects of hard water.
Other breakouts could come from your genetics or skincare routine.

The minerals in hard water can cause a lot of irritation to our skin. This irritation can oftentimes result in an acne breakout. The more sensitive our skin is, the more likely that we will probably get a breakout this way.

Some people also say that minerals from hard water can buildup on our skin. When this happens, our pores may become clogged with the natural oil that our skin produces.

This combines with other dead skin cells and sweat to create a hot spot for acne breakouts.

People who have eczema have to be careful about this happening to them.

Personally, I found out that a water softener did help my breakouts. They seemed like they were under control more whenever I had soft water. However, it wasn’t an overnight cure and didn’t make my breakouts disappear completely.


Products Absorb Better:

After my first few weeks of using a water softener, I noticed something different. At first, I couldn’t figure out what it was. But, something was different about washing my hair.

I figured it out that I needed less shampoo…

Before using a water softener, I would have to use plenty of shampoo and conditioner to get a good lather. But, after having a water softener installed, I noticed that I didn’t need as much.

I discovered that I could cut the amount in half of what I was normally using.

It must be because of the way that the hard water reacts with the ingredients in the products. The minerals in hard water and the ingredients are acting like they are working against each other.

This means that we need to use more products to offset the balance.

I have also noticed this about all the cosmetic products that I use. I find that I don’t have to use much product and I get the same result that I normally got.

Lotions, creams, cleansers, and moisturizers are all the products that I use and found that it works with.

It seems that the products absorb better and I don’t need to use a much as them.
This saves a lot of money.


Stronger Nails:

One benefit of a water softener that a lot of people notice is stronger nails. I have not paid attention to this and I didn’t notice anything about my nails after using a water softener.

But, a lot of people were telling me about it.
They were telling me about how much better their nails were!

I decided to do some research and here’s what I saw:

I found the minerals in hard water are known to break down our nails. This can happen from washing our hands and even in the shower.

This is a slow process and can take some time to happen. Our nails won’t get weaker from using hard water overnight. It can usually take anywhere from a week to a month for most people to notice.

Over time this can cause our nails to become softer, brittle, and break off easier.

The environment can also play a factor in this. More people will notice this happening in the winter months since they can become extremely dry and fragile.

Some people say that their nails seem to grow faster with soft water.
I guess it’s a win-win situation.

Have you noticed anything between your hard or soft water and your nails?


In conclusion, I’ve found that water softeners are a great investment for our skin. They can do so much for our skin without any kind of negative side effects.

If you have any kind of irritated skin or sensitive skin, I would say they are definitely worth looking into. They may really help calm down your skin while other products could have harmful ingredients.

Anyone can benefit from having a water softener!

The newer model water softeners are so much more efficient and worth it. I haven’t heard anyone complain after getting a water softener. Everyone who gets them seems to like them for their skin.

But, having a water softener won’t replace your regular skincare routine.

It’s still important to have a regular skincare routine that you follow daily. This helps ensure that your skin will be in the best condition year-round.