I Used A Water Filter And Noticed This About My Skin:

Every year a few of my friends and I book a vacation somewhere new. We didn’t have any itinerary and just plan everything out as it happens.

The last trip we took was to Arizona.

10 days away from reality!

It was also the first time that we rented a vacation house.
It seemed kind of strange at first.

Just the idea of staying in someone else’s house seemed kind of odd. I mean we were using someone else’s amenities.

What would we do if something broke?
Who do we have to call?

They don’t even have room service or maintenance.

The first night we decided to start exploring the house we were staying in. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of fun opening every door and trying to find a secret room in the house.

I was in the utility room looking around and saw all these filters connected to different water pipes.

I knew exactly what it was.

It just happened to be a whole house water filtration system.
No, I’m not a plumber…

A while ago I was researching them because I wanted one for the house that I currently live in. I just kept putting it off because they are kind of expensive and have a lot of mixed reviews on them.

I thought that this would be the perfect blog post to write about.
I got out my notebook and started taking notes.

I wanted to see if I could tell a difference in my skin while using a whole house water filtration system.

Here’s what I came up with

What Setup I Used:

While researching filtration systems I knew that there are a lot of different models on the market today. A lot of companies sell the same kind only they try and put their own spin on it.

They really want you to buy from them.

But, most of them work the same.

They filter the water as it enters your house to remove certain contaminants. Each filter is different and is going to remove different things. For example, some filters will only remove chlorine and others can remove iron and sulfur.

Some water filtration companies sell individual filters that you can connect to where you want filtered water.

They have filters that can connect to your showerhead and even under your sinks. This means that you can control which areas of the house get filtered water.

It is probably cheaper to do it this way in the long run.

The setup that I was using was the whole house filtration.
It was just a regular brand that did the same thing.

I can’t remember the exact brand of the filtration system, I forgot to write it down while I was looking at it.

The water would be filtered where it entered the house. The filters were connected to the plumbing system and the water was being filtered before it went anywhere else.

This means that everything in the house would be using filtered water.

It includes everything from the washing machine, dishwasher, faucets, and bathtubs.
Even the toilets were using filtered water!

I should have taken pictures of the setup while I was looking at it.
I guess I was just really excited about my trip and didn’t even think about it.

I’m sure you know how that goes.


My Routine:

To give you fair results about my skin, I will go through my routine. Each of us has our own routine that we go through daily.
Sometimes we can get different skincare results by going through different daily routines.

I will share with you my routine so that you can go through it and compare it with your own.

Here is my routine:

drank bottled water
During my entire trip, I was drinking bottled water. I’m just not a fan of drinking water out of the faucet and definitely not a fan of doing it at some stranger’s house.

Even though they use a water filter, I just stuck to drinking bottled water.

I was also drinking water from restaurants that we went to.
Water just happens to be my preferred choice of drink.

I was drinking around 100oz of water daily during the trip.


Used The Hot Tub:

Every night my friends and I would get in the hot tub. It was fun catching up with everyone and sharing lots of stories. I never timed it but we would stay inside for a couple of hours and then go back indoors.

I remember reading somewhere that chemicals in pools and hot tubs could affect our skin.

The article said that some people may experience dry skin from spending a lot of time in them. It also said that some people got itchy skin from them as well.

In theory, using the hot tub could have delayed or slowed down some of the results.


Lotion After Shower:

One of the first skincare hacks that I learned is to moisturize right after your shower. I’ve learned this trick a long time ago and I have stuck with it for years.

When something works, it’s best to stick with it.

Every morning on my trip I would use body lotion like I normally do. This wasn’t anything new, I always apply lotion after my shower. It’s a really good habit to get into.

I’ve noticed great results from doing so.

Exfoliated Every Few Days:

Every time I take a trip it seems that I slack off on my skincare routine. I guess I’m just so excited to see new things and meet new people that it gets out of my routine.

But, one thing that I didn’t slack off on was exfoliating.

I had too many past experiences that my skin starts to break out every time I stop exfoliating.
Trust me, it doesn’t take long to remember to exfoliate when this happens.

My exfoliation schedule is pretty simple, I just exfoliate every few days.

During my trip, I was exfoliating every 3 days. I was using the sugar scrub that I always use to exfoliate.


I wanted to go through my routine so you could compare my activities with my results.

If you did decide to get a whole house water filter, you may not have the same results because you had a different daily routine that you follow.

For example, I moisturize daily and that could get my skin faster results compared to if I didn’t.




Better Looking Skin:

One nice thing about my trip was the way my skin looked after I got home. It’s like my skin was more alive and something really good happened to it.

Unfortunately, I noticed it started to slowly go away following the weeks I got home.

Smoother Skin:

After my 10 day trip, I noticed that some of the small bumps on my arms were starting to go away. I had been trying different products and techniques to make them go away.

The products I tried would make them really small.
Yet, nothing was working 100%.

I guess the real name for them is Keratosis pilaris.
Some people call it chicken skin…

I found that using the right lotion would make them considerably smaller.

But, I couldn’t just make them go away.

This made me believe that it was some kind of an environmental change or reaction causing those small bumps. I can’t be 100% certain, but, I believe that the water filter was helping them go away.

I had these very small bumps for years and just didn’t do anything about them.
I believe that if it was an environmental factor that they would have gone away at some point.

The area I live in has all four seasons with very cold winters and warm summers. If the bumps disappeared from the Arizona heat, then they should have gone away during the summer months where I live.

But, they never did…

It turns out that I was probably allergic to something that was in my water. I think that something was being absorbed and giving my skin a bad reaction.

It’s hard to say what it could be.

Tap water has lots of different things that could have caused my bumps. Anything from heavy minerals to pesticides and herbicides can be in our water.

These can interact with our skin causing a number of problems.

Something in the water was making the bumps on my arms worse. I don’t know if the water was the exact cause of the bumps though.

What I do know is that using the water filter really helps improve the bumps on my skin.


Softer Skin:

A while ago I did a survey and asked my blog readers about their skin. One of the questions was what they would like to improve the most about their skin.

The number one answer was to get softer skin.
I’m not going to lie, I was kind of surprised…

Good news!

I noticed a huge improvement in the softness of my skin from using a water filter. I really couldn’t believe it at first. I thought I had really soft skin from my regular skincare routine. But, the water filter seemed to make my skin so much softer.

It had to be from the water filter, that’s the only thing that I can think of.

My guess is that the water filtration system is removing chlorine and other contaminants from the water. Both chlorine and the other contaminants can dry out our skin over time and this can turn into rough skin.

Since the water filter was removing these, my skin wasn’t drying out so bad.

Because my skin wasn’t drying out so bad, I didn’t get the rough skin that I always got.

Another thing that could have happened was a mineral buildup. Some water contains a lot of different minerals that don’t always get washed away.

Even with soap and a washcloth, sometimes minerals can get left behind.

These minerals can accumulate on our skin and build up over time. A lot of times they can cause bumpy and scaly skin over a period of time.

Thankfully the whole house water filtration system helped prevent this.

I was really surprised that my skin got this soft though.
I moisturize daily and exfoliate every few days.

My skin was already very smooth from doing this skincare routine before using the water filter.

I didn’t think that it could get any better, but it did.



Less Dry Scalp:

One result that I noticed right away was that my scalp wasn’t as dry. It seems that my scalp always becomes dry at a certain time of the year. I’m not sure what causes it, but, it happens every year.

This year was a little different…

I’ve noticed that I had a dry scalp at the start of my trip and then it went away.

However, after I got back home, I started to notice that my scalp was starting to get dry again.


It could have been the water filtration system helping out my dry scalp.
I did some research and found out that certain irritants could cause dryness of the skin. I’ve discovered that a lot of towns will add chlorine to their water supply.

This is great for removing bacteria from the water.
But, it’s not so great for our skin.

Chlorine is known to strip the skin and body of its natural oils. This can cause our skin to become dry, flaky, and irritated over a period of time.

I think the water filter was removing the chlorine from the water. This seemed to help my dry scalp because the chlorine wasn’t stripping away all the natural oils on my scalp.

But if the chlorine was drying out my scalp wouldn’t it dry out the rest of my skin?

I always use body lotion but I don’t use anything on my scalp. This made me think that the body lotion I was using was replenishing the lost moisture from my skin.

Since I didn’t put anything on my scalp to moisturize it, my scalp just became dryer and dryer over time.


Another thing that could have happened was the environmental changes that helped my skin.
Sometimes an environmental change can help or even worsen the health of our skin. If we are traveling somewhere that has a different environment, this could affect our skin.

Sometimes the environment affects our skin and other times it seems like it doesn’t.

Perhaps my dry scalp went away because I was in a better environment. One of my friends would always get better skin after they stayed at their vacation house for a few weeks.

However, I’m not so sure if this was the case…

I traveled to a dry area in the state and I don’t think that would affect my skin any. If anything, the dry humid air could cause my skin and scalp to dry out even more.




Less Irritated Skin:

I found out that I had less irritated skin after using the water filter. Sometimes I get irritated skin and my skin has this light red tint to it.

This usually happens only a couple of times a week.
But, it happens a lot more after I change cosmetic products or my skincare routine.

You can tell just by looking at my skin when it’s irritated.

If you have ever had irritated skin, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

However, I didn’t notice any of this after using the whole house water filter. It was like I had completely different skin from using the water filter. I didn’t notice any kind of irritation at all.

It had to be the water filter that was giving me these results.

Because after I got back home, I started to get irritated skin again. It wasn’t all at once though. It would still happen only a couple of times a week.

It wasn’t really bad irritated skin though.

I know some of my friends get really bad irritated skin. I think I will have them look into a water filter for their house.

The only thing I could think of was a high level of chemicals in my water.
I decided to get my water tested and am waiting for the results.

Certain chemicals in water can lead to many skin problems.

These chemicals can enter our bodies by drinking contaminated water or by taking a shower or bath. The chemicals can be absorbed into the skin into our body.

The most common problems that I found were dry, irritated, and flaky skin.

Some people also say that this can accelerate the aging process, cause rashes, and increase sun damage in certain people.


Fewer Breakouts:

One huge thing I noticed about my skin was that I had fewer breakouts! I’m not the type of person that gets a lot of breakouts, but, ill admit that I get my fair share of them.

I might get one or two small breakouts throughout the week.
Sometimes it’s more and most of the time it’s less.

I noticed throughout my trip that I didn’t get any type of breakouts.

Not One.

Wow, I was amazed.

I’ve been told that the minerals and contaminants in water can leave a small build-up of soap on our skin that doesn’t get washed off. This buildup could cause clogged pores which could lead to a breakout.

This could also lead to dry, itchy, and irritated skin.

Perhaps this is what was happening to my skin.

The water filters are supposed to remove all of the contaminants in the water. This would probably greatly reduce the chances of getting a breakout this way.

All you have to do is make sure the filters are changed at the correct times.


But, I really can’t be 100% certain that the water filtration system prevented me from getting breakouts. I was only in the vacation house for 10 days.

It would be unfair for me to say this because sometimes my skin can go a week or two without getting any breakouts.

Keep in mind that people get acne breakouts for different reasons. Some people get acne breakouts from hormonal issues while others get breakouts from a lack of a skincare routine.

Each person’s situation is different and may experience different results.

However, I was still very pleased with the results that I got.




What You May Expect:

After reading all the benefits, you’re probably asking yourself what can you expect. The good news is that you’re not applying anything new to your skin. This means that you shouldn’t get any kind of irritation or redness that you may get from using a new product.

The bad news is that everyone’s skin is different.

Some people can experience the same results that I did. Meanwhile, others may not notice anything from using a whole house water filtration system.

Unfortunately, it’s just how it works…

Another thing to consider is that everyone has a different skincare routine that they follow. Some people may have a routine with multiple products they use throughout the day.

Other people have a very simple routine, or not a routine at all.

Someone with a good skincare routine will probably see better results. This is because the water filter will be working with and helping your skincare routine.

For example, if you moisturize and exfoliate you could end up seeing better results. This is because you have 3 things working with your skin.

The moisturizer, exfoliant, and the water filter.

If you didn’t have a skincare routine, you would only have the water filter working with your skin.

You could still get results!
But, the results you do get may take longer to achieve.

Another thing you may expect is that the benefits might not be visible right away. I know every time I try something different with my skin, I always keep checking for results.

The water filtration system is different…
It could take a week or two to notice anything.

During my trip, I think I came out a little lucky with the timeframe. I got a lot of benefits in a relatively short period of time.

Whether you are the same way or not, just stick with it and never give up hope.



In conclusion, everyone had a great time on our trip. The time really flew by and we got to see some amazing things. We all met a lot of amazing people that we will stay in contact with.

The whole house water filtration system was great and is something I will look into.
I saw many benefits to it and my skin really seemed to like it.

It was kind of surprising researching the tap water we drink and seeing all the different contaminants that could be in it.
Actually, it’s kind of scary knowing that we can be putting some of that onto or into our bodies.

It’s really eye-opening about all the contaminants and how they can affect our skin.


I wonder what the next vacation house is going to have!