One of the only things that can help dead skin is a body scrub. This is because dead skin is dead and not alive. That means that other products you put on your dead skin won’t likely do anything.

This includes moisturizers, creams, and lotions. Your skin is dead and won’t react. It’s impossible to make dead skin come back to life.

To make things better, you have to remove the dead skin from the body. This is only done by exfoliating the dead skin and not many other products will work. The only things that work are chemical peels, or some kind of products with an acid, or body scrubs. This is why body scrubs are so important to keep in your skincare regimen.


What Is Dead Skin And Why Do We Get It?

We get dead skin when our skin cells die. Our skin has a life cycle that only lasts around a month before it dies. Our body naturally sheds the dead skin cells from our bodies. However, sometimes our body falls behind or needs some help to speed it up.

Everyone gets dead skin, it doesn’t matter who you are. Some people seem like they don’t get dead skin, in reality, their body sheds the dead skin faster than others.


How To Use A Body Scrub For Dead Skin:

Using a body scrub for dead skin should be used the same way that you would use a regular body scrub. Make sure that you read all the directions and understand them before starting a body scrub. The label on the container will be the best place to get the complete directions for the body scrub. Sometimes body scrubs go by different directions.

Here are a few tips I put together for you to use:



You want to complete your shaving before you apply a body scrub. Shaving after a body scrub could irritate the area more and could cause some redness. It’s easier to shave before you apply the body scrub.

Shaving before applying a body scrub won’t make the body scrub work any better or faster. It’s done to help prevent unwanted irritation.


Wet Your Skin:

Wet the skin before applying the body scrub so that the body scrub has a little less friction. The beneficial oil in the body scrub will help with both the friction and dead skin.

Your skin doesn’t have to be soaking wet or anything like that. I would just splash a little water to your skin and you should be good to go.


Apply The Scrub:

Apply the body scrub to your skin and rub in lightly. You want to make sure that you are using a circular motion to rub the body scrub in. This is the best way to apply the scrub and it will help remove the dead skin. You could cause redness on your skin if you press too hard.



The next step involves rinsing the body scrub off your skin. It’s best to either use warm or cool water for this part. Using hot or cold water could irritate your skin more or cause redness.



A moisturizer should be applied to your skin after you rinse it. The moisturizer will really help out your dead skin and even keep the new skin cells soft so they don’t dry out and you get more dead skin.

Follow these tips and you should be good to apply a body scrub for dead skin.

The most important thing is to go slow and never do a body scrub when you’re in a hurry.


How Often To Use A Body Scrub For Dead Skin:

A body scrub should be used as often as your skin lets you use it. But, you don’t want to overdo it with a body scrub. You could get skin redness, sensitivity, or tingly skin.

The main thing you have to do is look at your skin and see what the best is for your skin type. Some people have a skin type where they can almost use a body scrub every day and not notice anything. Other people need to take a break for up to a week before doing another body scrub.

For most people, you should expect to wait 3 days until you perform another body scrub. I would recommend not doing a body scrub sooner than that. You could see those unwanted side effects if you do so.

It’s fine if you need a longer break than 3 days. Everyone has different skin and some of us just need a longer break than others.

You don’t want to overdo a body scrub because it will have no benefits. If you use a body more often, you shouldn’t expect any different results. Don’t expect faster results from doing a body scrub more often. It takes body scrubs time to work and not the number of applications.

Someone doing a body scrub everyday would see the same, if not worse, results compared to someone waiting every 3 days to do a body scrub.

The bottom line is to wait 3 days before doing another body scrub. However, you can take more time to recover if you need.

Don’t force yourself to do a body scrub every 3 days if your skin won’t allow it.


Where Can I Use A Body Scrub For Dead Skin?

A body scrub for dead skin can be used in the same areas that a regular body scrub can be used on.

This includes the following areas:



Make sure that your body scrub says that it can be used on your face. Some dead skin body scrubs are too rough to apply to your face. This could lead to unwanted redness, soreness, and tingling.



The neck is another sensitive area of the skin and you need to be careful applying a body scrub. Make sure to go over your neck lightly and follow the directions.



Applying a body scrub to your back can be hard to do. You could get a partner to help you out and apply it to your back if you need to. If you have a partner help, make sure that they are applying the right amount of pressure.



The arms are easy to apply a body scrub for dead skin to. Start by doing one arm at a time and either work your way up or down your arm.



We can get dead skin on our chest and a body scrub could be used. Make sure to follow the directions on the container and you should have no problem applying the body scrub to your chest.



It’s possible to get dead skin on your stomach, although sometimes it can be hard to see. Our stomachs can be sensitive sometimes and it’s best to go nice and slow.



A body scrub for dead skin can also be applied to the legs. It works best if you go slow and start your way by working in one direction. Be careful of using a body scrub around your knees since they can be sensitive.



Our feet are one of the most common areas that many of us get dry skin. You can apply a body scrub to your feet by sitting down and applying the body scrub. You can even apply the body scrub to your feet while you’re taking a bath so it will be easier.


Can A Body Scrub Hurt Dead Skin?

A body scrub can’t hurt dead skin since the skin is already dead. The body scrub can just remove the dead skin.

You could hurt other skin if you’re too rough with applying the body scrub for dead skin.


Will A Body Scrub Alone Help Dead Skin?

A body scrub alone will help should help your dead skin as long as you use it. You have to keep using your body scrub if you want to see results. You will probably notice a huge difference in your skin after using one for a couple of weeks.

The body scrub will need to be used on a schedule to help your skin maintain these results. Sometimes using a body scrub just once a week will do the trick for you.


Will Anything Else Help Dead Skin:

Nothing else for dead skin will really work besides some kind of exfoliation. Your skin is dead and that means it’s not living and won’t react to any moisturizer. Many times when people have dead skin it will turn into rough skin. No product that you apply to dead skin will revive it, it’s already dead. This is why you need a exfoliator, such as a body scrub for dead skin, to help out.

The body scrub for dead skin will remove the dead skin so the younger skin cells can take over. When this happens, you will experience all the benefits of young skin.

Other products just don’t cut it when it comes to dead skin. You have to get rid of the dead skin first before applying other products. If not, you could end up wasting time and money. This is why it’s so important to have a body scrub for dead skin in your skincare regimen.

Will My Body Get Rid Of Dead Skin Naturally:

The body has a natural way of getting rid of dead skin and can actually shed itself without a product. Sometimes we just need to give it a boost. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with our skin. It’s for us to give it a little boost and help our body out while experiencing a little benefit for ourselves.


What Is The Best Type Of Body Scrub For Dead Skin?

The best type of body scrub for dead skin depends on where on your body you have dead skin. Some areas of the body have thicker skin, such as the feet, and a different body scrub should be used.

I put together a guide on what the best type of body scrub is depending on the area on the body.

A facial scrub can be used on different parts of the body that are more delicate.


Facial Body Scrub:

A facial body scrub won’t be as coarse as a regular body scrub. A facial body scrub still works the same way for dead skin and does the same quality of job. The reason the body scrub is smoother is that we have sensitive skin on our face and a regular body scrub is too rough for some people.

A facial body scrub can be used on dead skin all over the body. It will also do the same good job that a regular body scrub for dead skin does. The cost is going to be the same compared to a regular sugar scrub.


Body Scrub:

A body scrub for the body also does an excellent job if you have dead skin. The texture will be more coarse, or rough, and everything else is going to be the same. The ingredients won’t differ between the two and the quality will be the same.

A body scrub can be used all over the body and where you have dead skin. People even carefully use them on their face instead of buying two different scrubs for dead skin.

Here is where you can apply a body scrub:


Sometimes people prefer to use a facial scrub or a scrub for sensitive skin for dead skin and other times they prefer to use a regular body scrub for dead skin. It’s up to you which kind to use and there is no wrong answer.


Where To Buy A Body Scrub For Dead Skin:

It can be hard to find a good body scrub. However, the two main choices where you can buy a body scrub are either online or offline. Here are some tips when buying a body scrub either online or offline:



Buying everything online is becoming more popular and body scrubs are no exception. You can find a wide variety of body scrub for dead skin online. Here are a few things to remember when buying anything online:

Check Reviews:
You want to check the reviews and see what others think about the product. You don’t want to buy something with bad reviews but you also don’t want to buy anything with fake reviews either.

See The Label:
Sometimes companies like to try and hide the label, especially for cosmetics like body scrubs for dead skin. This is because they use cheap ingredients and you won’t even notice while buying. You will notice when using the product however.

Check the return policy of the store where you’re planning on buying. You will most likely have to pay the return shipping of the product if you want to return it. This could cost you another $5-6 just to get a refund. You can check out our stores return policy here!



You want to research the product online before you go to a store and buy it. You want to know the reviews, ingredients, and how to use the product before you get to the store.

Check The Price:
Make sure the price rings up at the counter for what it’s advertised for on the shelf. This really happens more often than it should and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did it on purpose.

Check The Expiration Date:
Another tip is to check the expiration date of the products. You want to make sure the dead skin scrub is not expired and is safe to use. Compare the expiration date with the others to make sure they all expire around the same time. You don’t want to buy or use a body scrub for dead skin that is expired.

Know The Return Policy:
You want to see the return policy of cosmetics before you purchase them. Some stores don’t allow the return of any cosmetics like body scrubs for dead skin. Others allow you to get a full refund. This varies from store to store.

The main thing is to find a company that you can trust. Many companies are dishonest about body scrubs for dead skin or use ingredients that are cheap and not as effective.