A sugar scrub is an exfoliating body scrub that uses sugar to exfoliate the skin. Some other ingredients scrubs use to exfoliate are coffee, salt, and jojoba beads.

A sugar scrub is the most common kind of scrub that you can buy in a store and can be used anywhere on your body including your face.

The main objective of this scrub is to help your skin exfoliate the dead skin cells. These dead skin cells will naturally come off over time, however, sometimes they need a little boost to help exfoliate them.

The most common way to tell if you need to use a sugar scrub is to feel your skin. If you feel any rough patches or have any areas of your skin that is flaky, you may need to use a sugar scrub.

Is A Sugar Scrub Safe For Your Face:

A sugar scrub is safe for your face as long as you use the right kind. Make sure that the product is clearly labeled for use on your face.

Using the wrong kind of scrub can put the skin on your face in danger.

Some side effects include red face, tingling face, sensitive skin, and scratches.

Here are a few tips to make sure the scrub is safe for your face:

Look At The Directions:

The best thing you can do is to check over the directions before you purchase the scrub. Make sure that it’s meant to be applied to your face.

Some ingredients that are used in regular body scrubs shouldn’t be used on the face. This is because some of the ingredients are meant for skin that isn’t as fragile as the skin on your face.

Another ingredient some scrubs have is soap in them. This is fine, however, you don’t want the soap washing down your face and into your eyes.

Check For Brown Sugar:

The most common sugar ingredient that is used in body scrubs for your face is brown sugar. This is because brown sugar is finer and not as rough as regular white granulated sugar.

Brown sugar is great for your skin and is very effective while using it on your face.

Sometimes salt can be a little drying on your face and even cause redness or peeling if you are using the wrong kind.

My best advice is to use brown sugar since it’s safe and effective for your face. It’s also the most common ingredient for facial scrubs and most stores will carry them.

The main goal of a scrub is to help exfoliate the skin and feel good. It’s not going to feel good if a rough scrub is used. This could hurt your skin and cause more problems than good.

Avoid Unnecessary Ingredients:

Another tip is to just avoid all the unnecessary ingredients while looking for a sugar scrub for your face. Personally, I would avoid ingredients such as scents, salts, parabens, and soaps.

The reason is that I want to use ingredients that are going to help my face. I have sensitive skin and I know that certain ingredients should be avoided.

“I don’t want my face to get red, have a breakout or dry since that would be causing more problems down the road that I wan to avoid.”

Some people don’t have sensitive skin like me and are fine with putting these ingredients on their faces. The best thing you can do it try it out for yourself and see how your face reacts to the scrub.

What Are The Best Ingredients In A Sugar Scrub For Your Face:

The best ingredients for a scrub are the ingredients that your skin likes. A sugar scrub is going to be made up mostly of oil, sugar, and a few other ingredients to keep it safe.

Here are some of the best ingredients that I like to look for:


Jojoba Oil– Oil that is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil is great for all skin types and is great to use on acne-prone skin.

Argan Oil– Oil that is extracted from the kernels of an Argan Tree. This oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin E, and is lightweight on your skin.

Coconut Oil– Made from the dry meat of a coconut. This oil is the most common oil and has great moisturizing benefits. Coconut oil could clog your pores and create breakouts on acne-prone skin.

Please note that many companies will use a combination of different oil in their formulas. This is done to help offset costs and it may not be as good for your skin.

For example, coconut oil isn’t recommended for acne-prone skin and a formula with 49% coconut oil will be worse for your skin compared to a formula with only 5-10% coconut oil.

The worst part is that companies don’t tell you how much of each oil is used and you could think you’re buying a great kind when you’re actually getting a poor kind.

The best thing to do is to find a company that you can trust.


Brown Sugar– A finer version of white granulated sugar with molasses added to it. Both the sugar and molasses are safe to be used on your face in a scrub.

Brown sugar is the only kind of sugar that I will use for a scrub on my face. Other sugar is just too rough on my skin and I feel that other sugar isn’t as good on my skin.

How Often To Apply A Sugar Scrub To Your Face:

How often to apply a sugar scrub to your face depends on your skin type and how well your skin reacts to the scrub. Everyone has a different skin type and some people may get by using a scrub more often compared to others.


It also depends on the type of skin that you have. People with non-sensitive skin should follow a different routine compared to people with sensitive skin.

The short answer is that you should wait 3-5 days before reapplying and take another look at your skin. This gives your face time to heal and get prepared for the next scrub.

Non-Sensitive Skin:

Some people are just really lucky with their skin and it seems like they don’t have to worry about how often to do a scrub. It’s like they could do one everyday and not have to worry about going wrong.

However, it’s still important that you give the scrub proper resting time before doing another one. Even if your skin looks fine you will need to wait.

I recommend waiting 3-5 days until you perform another scrub.

Using a scrub more often won’t make it work any better on your skin. In fact, it will do the opposite.

Sensitive Skin:

Take your time with the scrub and see what your skin look like after it’s done. See how long it takes your skin to recover and even take notes or pictures on how your skin looks. This will help you in the long run when deciding on how often to apply a scrub to your face.

After you find out how long it takes your skin to recover, then you can pick out a set number of days until you do the next one.

Extra caution needs to be taken with sensitive skin. If not, you can get extremely red skin, acne breakouts, tingly skin, and even scars.

The worst thing you can do is pick out a number of days until you do the next one. This may work fine with non-sensitive skin, however, you need to make sure your skin is fully recovered before performing another scrub.


How To Pick Out A Scrub For Your Face:

Find A Good Company:

One of the most important things you should do before picking out a body scrub is to find a good company. A lot of cosmetic companies seem like they are coming and going. A new one is always opening up online and you need to make sure that you can trust them.

Qualities Of A Good Company:

Return Policy
Fast Shipping
Cruelty Free Products
Great Customer Service

“A lot of companies seem like they are doing you a favor by selling you the product instead of you doing them a favor of buying the product.”

Look For High Quality Ingredients:

You should always look for the highest quality ingredients before purchasing a scrub for your face. The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive places of skin that you have. Make sure the ingredients are the highest standard before applying them.

“A few examples of high-quality ingredients that you should look for are certified organic, locally sourced, and all-natural.”

Some ingredients that you may want to avoid are parabens and alcohols.

Alcohols can be drying and irritating on your face and could make your face red and even take your skin longer to recover then it should.

Parabens are very controversial and in my opinion it’s just best to avoid them.

Test Different Kinds:

My favorite way to pick out a good scrub is to test different kinds. Scrubs for your face come in all different kinds and you should test them all out.

In the end, the goal is for you to find the best scrub for your face and that can’t be done from just trying out one or two different ones.

Start off by buying one in the smallest container that they sell. This will make sure that you really like the scrub before you go out and spend a lot of money buying a larger container.

“Try out different brands and put them to the test to see which one works best for your situation.”

Different scrubs will apply differently to the face. Some could be a little more greasy when applying to the face while others could feel rougher

This all has to do with the ratio of oils that are used in the formula.

When To Avoid Using A Sugar Scrub On Your Face:

While using a body scrub can be good most of the time, you should avoid using one under certain circumstances. I will go through a few scenarios where a scrub should be avoided.


If you have any kind of rash, avoid using a scrub where ever the rash is. An irritated rash could take longer for it to heal or even make it become more irritated.


It’s best to avoid using a body scrub if you have any kind of bites on your skin. This can include any kind of bug or spider bites. If you do have to use a scrub, leave the area of the bite alone.

Very Irritated Skin:

Always consult with your doctor if you have very irritated skin. A few examples of using a scrub on very irritated skin include very sensitive skin, red skin, and tingling.


A scrub should be avoided if you have any cuts or sores on your skin. The reason is that a scrub creates little micro-tears into your skin and that can worsen any cuts you may have. This will take them longer to heal and can even lead to light scaring.

How Long Until I Can See Results Using A Facial Scrub:

Everyone has different skin and it may take a while to see results. Some people never experience any benefits from using a body scrub. The main thing to do is to stay consistent and expect results to take a while. Sometimes people never end up seeing any results.

Right Away:

Smoother Skin:

Most people do see smoother skin right after using a scrub. This is because it exfoliates the dead skin cells from your skin. When this happens, it leaves the younger and smoother skin behind.

Down The Road (3-4 Months)

Smooth Complexion:

I notice that some people get a smoother complexion after using a scrub on their faces after a few months. One of the best compliments that someone can give you is about your skin. It’s also one of the most things that people notice about you right after your smile.

Less Acne Breakouts:

Sometimes someone using a scrub will get fewer acne breakouts from using the scrub. This is because dead skin cells contribute to clogged pores that create acne. When you don’t have dead skin to clog your pores, you have less chance of getting new breakouts.

Well Hydrated Skin:

Another thing that people seem to notice is that their skin is more hydrated. This is mainly due to the fact that most people moisturize after a scrub. The scrub itself really doesn’t have anything to do with your hydrated skin. It’s just from moisturizing after doing a facial scrub.

Please remember that a body scrub on your face isn’t formulated to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. You should visit with your doctor for any cosmetic problems that you may have.