Lotion for Winter Skin:

I often get a lot of different questions about using lotion in the wintertime. I decided to put together a few tips so that everyone can go through and get themselves prepared for the harsh winter months.

The main goal is that you want to try and stay ahead of your skin problems.

You can get a lot of different skin problems in the winter and staying ahead of them is your best bet.

Some skin conditions can be hard to get rid of once you have them.


What Is The Best Lotion To Use In The Winter:

The best lotion to use in the winter depends on a few different factors. The main factors are to consider are what you are looking at using lotion for and your skin type.

Many people have different reasons for wanting to choose to use lotion in the winter.

Some people have more skincare problems that come up during the winter. But, some people just want to make sure that their skin is healthy during the winter months.

I really don’t like to tell people what kind of lotion they should use without knowing them personally.

There are many factors such as the region you live in and the type of environment that you live in. Instead, I like telling people what to look for in lotion. Then with this information, they will make a better decision for themselves.

I put together a few things for you to consider to help you pick out the best lotion for the winter months.



One of the main things is what type of environment you’re in. Different types of environments will need different kinds of lotions in the winter months.

If you are outside a lot in the winter, I would recommend that you go with a lotion that is a little stronger. This can help protect you from the elements more and may even give you a little more moisturizer. I would even recommend applying body butter or cream during the winter months.

People who are mainly indoors in the winter could go with high-quality lotion. These people may only need lotion because using a furnace will take moisture out of the air. This can cause our skin to go dry and even become irritated. I would recommend getting just a really high-quality lotion with good ingredients.



High-quality ingredients are what really give lotion its moisturizing power. I highly recommend that you look for the highest quality ingredients that you can find for a lotion.

Oatmeal, Lavender, and Honey are some high-quality ingredients that you should look for when using lotion in the winter. I also recommend looking for Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Sweet Almond Oil when picking out good ingredients.

These ingredients can be hard to find in some ingredients but they are really worth looking for. Keep in mind that a lotion may not have all these ingredients in them. However, just a few of these should do wonders for using lotion in the winter.


Skin type:

It’s important to remember what type of skin you have when picking out a lotion. Some people are just lucky and it just seems they can use anything on their skin. Yet, I would say a good majority of us have to be a little careful while picking out lotion.

Some lotions could clog your pores and cause additional breakouts on acne-prone skin. This combined with cold and dry air in the winter can cause additional redness and irritation.

I always recommend looking for a non-comedogenic lotion no matter what kind of skin you have.

Other people have skin that can be sensitive during the winter months and fine during the rest of the year. If this sounds like you, I would recommend getting a lotion with calming ingredients that we mentioned above. The best calming ingredients are oatmeal, honey, and lavender.

Keep in mind that some people can be sensitive to lavender and it can cause redness or irritation. I have found this to be the case when lavender is used in large quantities.


How Often Should I Use Lotion In The Winter:

How often to use a lotion in the winter depends on your skin and what you’re goals are. Winter can bring on a lot of problems with your skin including everything from simple dry skin to cracked or irritated skin.

The general rule of thumb is you want to use and apply more lotion in the wintertime than you would in the summertime. This is because the winter months, cold weather, and dry air can do lots of damage to our skin. Some skin conditions may even require that you use lotion more often.

Here is a short guide of how often you can apply lotion in the winter months:



I always recommend applying lotion daily especially in the winter months. In my experience, using it daily helps prevent different skin conditions and keeps my skin very well hydrated. I have found out that I don’t get irritated skin anymore when I use lotion daily.

I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone to use lotion daily in the winter months. However, it really depends on your skin and what kind of damage the winter has put on it.

Anyone that has very dry skin, irritated skin, chapped skin, or cracked skin should use lotion daily in the winter. Most of the time, you will need to use lotion multiple times per day. This should help calm and heal your skin down during the winter.

However, you have to use your own judgment and do what’s right for your skin. If you think you should use lotion daily, then use it daily. Nothing will go wrong with using lotion daily.


Every Other Day:

The most popular time frame to use lotion in the winter is every other day. I have talked to a lot of different people and it seems like there is a sweet spot in applying lotion every other day.

Most people who have average skin should be able to get by using lotion every day. Using lotion every other day is more like a maintenance program for your skin. You are applying just enough lotion to keep your skin looking good and hopefully preventing anything bad.

I have found that the best way to help protect your skin from the winter is just to use lotion every other day.
I believe using lotion every other day should be what the average person should be doing.



Sometimes people can get by applying lotion weekly during the wintertime. It really has to do with what kind of environment you’re in. The warmer your winters are, the less often you should have to apply lotion. This is because the outside temperature won’t be as cold and dry your skin out more.

Also, environments with warmer winters will likely use their furnace less often. This prevents the air in your house from drying out too much and drying out your skin.

If you live in a warmer environment during the winter months, it wouldn’t hurt to try and apply lotion weekly. Try it out and see how it goes, you can always use more lotion if you need to.

I hope that makes it a little easier in answering the question. The bottom line is that it really depends on the type of environment that you’re living in and what your skin is like. If you normally get dry or irritated skin, apply lotion daily or every other day in the winter. However, you can always back it up to once a week if you feel like you need to.

The best thing you can do is to see how your skin reacts to the lotion that you’re using. You should be able to see for yourself if the timeframe is working for you.


Why do I need To Use More Lotion In Winter:

Every now and then I seem to get a question about using lotion in the winter. Some people notice that their skin dries out faster and others notice that they need to use more lotion during cold weather. No, your mind isn’t confusing yourself, most people have to use more lotion in the winter.

The two reasons are because of the weather and the type of environment that you’re in:



The main reason that you probably have to use more lotion in the winter is because of the weather. The weather happens to take a large toll on our skin. It always seems like every time that winter comes around I always have some kind of dry skin if I’m not using a high-quality lotion.

Cold temperatures not only make most of us feel bad, but they can also make our skin worse. Our skin tends to lose a lot of moisture during the winter because of the cold weather and low humidity. This makes our skin more suspectable to further damage if we’re not careful.

Our skin produces natural oils that help protect itself year-round. But, during the cold weather, our skin can lose these oils and that causes moisture to escape through our skin into the environment.

The reason you want to apply more lotion during the winter is for the skin to help build up that natural barrier and provide extra moisture to your skin.



Some of us may be thinking that you’ll just stay inside during the winter months. Who really likes to go out into the cold weather anyway, right?

The indoor environment can also lead to problems during wintertime. The most common problem is that heating air takes the moisture out of it depending on the type of furnace that you have. This dry air can also be the start of different skin problems you may have.

Another problem is cold and dry air can enter your house and lower moisture in the air. This mainly happens through different leaks around doors and windows. The easiest thing you can do to prevent this is to install new weatherstripping, caulk around your windows and get a humidifier.

This type of environment can cause the water in your skin to evaporate faster and therefore make your skin feel dry. I have talked to people who have experienced everything from flaky skin to cracked skin just from being in the wrong type of environment.


What Happens If I Don’t Use Lotion In Winter:

Believe it or not, not all people need to use a lotion during the winter. It all just depends on what type of environment you’re in and where you live. If you live in an area where winters are over 50-65+ degrees Fahrenheit you may not need to use a lotion during the winter.

But, if you don’t live in a warmer climate in the winter, here is what can happen if you fail to use lotion in the winter:


Maybe Nothing:

The best news is that maybe nothing will happen if you don’t use a lotion in the winter. Some people just seem to have skin where it doesn’t get as dry in the winter. Other people use humidifiers that help the skin from drying out. Some people live in warmer areas and it just doesn’t affect them as much.

You can easily tell by looking and feeling your skin. Does it feel rough or smooth? How does it look? Is it cracked or not? Answering these questions will easily help you to decide whether you need to use lotion in the winter.


Skin Problems:

You may experience some skin problems if you don’t use lotion in the winter. Sometimes you could also get these problems if you’re not using enough lotion too.

Here are a few different skin problems you may get:

Dry Skin:
Dry skin is the number one skin problem that you will probably get from not using any lotion. It can be really easy to treat at first and it’s best to treat it with lotion before it gets worse.

Winter air dries out our skin really bad and you need to use a high-quality lotion to help prevent this.

Itchy Skin:
Some people get itchy skin during the winter months. Itchy skin is most likely caused by the dry and cold air during the winter. It’s not as common as getting dry skin, however, you still want to apply lotion to help prevent this.

I always look for ingredients that I know are calming for the skin. I like to look for oatmeal, honey, or lavender especially during the winter months. My skin can get bad in a hurry and using a soothing lotion really helps.

Irritated Skin:
Irritated skin is a bad problem that you can get and it can become hard to fix once you have it. Irritated skin includes anything from red skin, sensitivity, flaky skin, and even chapped skin.

Applying lotion daily is a great way to prevent irritated skin.

The best lotion for irritated skin is going to be a soothing kind. Look for soothing ingredients and avoid any harsh alcohol or ingredients that you may come across.


What Can Using Lotion In The Winter Help With:

Using lotion in the winter can be very beneficial to your skin and may also help with some skin problems. But, not everyone will notice the same results as others. It really depends on how your skin reacts to the ingredients in the lotion.

The main thing is to stay consistent with applying lotion and to make sure you’re using enough lotion.

I put together a list of the main problems that lotion may help in the winter:


Help Prevent Skin Problems:

Many people get different skin problems throughout the year. A lot of common skin issues in the wintertime are dry skin, irritated skin, flaky skin, and chapped skin. Using the right type of lotion should help out those conditions.

Please note that using lotion during the winter may not completely cure your skin of those problems. However, I have yet to run into someone who said that lotion didn’t help them at least a little.

Provide A Barrier:

Applying lotion on the skin helps the skin out by placing a barrier over the skin. This barrier acts to help your skin lock in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out more.

Winter weather can be rough on our skin and our skin needs some kind of barrier to help protect it. Most kinds of lotion should be able to help with that.

The barrier in the lotion is mostly made up of different oil that absorbs slowly into the skin. While this oil is sitting on top of your skin, it acts as a barrier. Every company uses a different formula for their lotion and some lotions may last a little longer because they use more oil.