Hand lotion can be really good to put on our feet. Many times when someone sees the name hand lotion they automatically think that it just for their hands. That is not the case, All the ingredients in hand lotion are safe for the skin. The skin on your hands is the same as the skin on your feet. The only difference is how thick the actual skin is. The skin on your feet is a lot thicker than the skin of your face.

Is Hand & Body Lotion Good For Feet?

Many people have different problems with their feet. This can range from simple dry feet to rough and bumpy feet. I will go through some of the common feet problems and how hand lotion can help fix them. If you have extremely dry feet or any type of health conditions you need to talk to your doctor before following any advice.

Dry Feet:

Dry feet are one of the most problems with their feet that people talk about. Having dry feet is just the first step into having a more difficult foot problem. Dry feet will turn into rough and bumpy feet and then into cracked feet.

Most people who have dry feet don’t complain about having any pain with them. However, your feet can be sensitive and maybe even a little sore if you bump them just right.

Hand lotion can help by retaining and increasing moisture on your feet. You can apply hand lotion on your dry feet 1-2 times a day until they get better.

Cracked Feet:

Cracked feet are a more severe form of dry feet. Your feet can become so dried out that they will begin to crack. Sometimes they will even start to bleed when they crack. This is very painful when this happens. People have a hard time walking and even putting on shoes and socks when this happens.

The most common place for people to get cracked feet is on their heels. Cracks can appear on the bottom of your feet and heels and even up the backside of your heels.

Hand lotion can help by moisturizing and soothing your cracked feet.

Apply hand lotion 1-3 times daily until the cracks are gone. This can take at least a week to help. If your feet worsen or don’t get any better call your doctor.

Callused Feet:

A callus on your foot is formed when pressure and friction are applied to your feet. When this happens, the skin will form a callus to help protect itself. A callus can form if you have bad fitting shoes or even if you don’t wear socks with your shoes.

Sometimes the padding in your shoe needs to be replaced.

To help a callus you should try soaking your feet and apply hand lotion. Hand lotion can help by adding a layer of moisturizer and softening the skin on your feet. Hand lotion can be applied 1-3 times daily until the calluses are better.

Rough & Bumpy Feet:

Rough and bumpy feet are more like just dry feet. It is not as severe as having cracked feet. Your feet lack moisture and when that happens they will get rough and bumpy. Some people say that their feet feel like sandpaper. When they say that, they most likely have rough and bumpy feet.

Hand lotion can help by providing moisture that will smooth and soften your feet. Apply 1-2 times daily until your feet get better. Then apply at least 1 every other day to continue providing moisture to your feet.

Why Our Feet Need Special Care:

Think about it, we are on our feet all day long, from morning until night. We need to take care of our feet. They go through a lot of work throughout the entire day. A lot of people seem to forget about taking care of their feet. It is really easy to forget about caring for our feet.

Some problems with our feet can worsen and that can be harder to treat. Dry Feet can turn into cracked feet and that becomes a lot harder to treat. It takes longer to heal and sometimes you may have to visit a doctor.

Our feet need special care to help prevent more problems with them later on down the road.

Hand & Body Lotion vs Foot Cream:

Someone asked me the other day what the difference was between hand lotion and foot cream and I did some research. The ingredients in hand lotion and foot cream are closely the same. Both are formulated with water and oils that have great power to moisturize your skin.

The consistency of both products is the same as well. Both have a smooth and creamy feel to them.

The main difference is how they absorb and how they are made.

Foot cream is made with more oils than regular hand lotion. This does 2 things. It will take the foot cream longer to absorb into the skin. It will also have more of a greasy feeling since oil doesn’t really absorb into the skin well. The product will also be thicker compared to hand lotion since not as much water is added. However, foot cream will do the same thing that hand lotion will do for your feet.

The cost of foot cream might be a little more expensive due to the cost of manufacturing it. More oils are used in foot cream and more water is used in hand lotion. Since oil is more expensive than water, the cost could be higher.

How To Use Hand & Body Lotion For Feet:


The first step to using hand lotion on your feet is to clean your feet first. Just take some mild soap and water and wash your entire foot. This is especially important if you have cracked heels so you don’t get any bacteria on your feet and cause an infection. If your feet are really dry or cracked you could soak them in a warm Epsom salt water bath for 20 minutes.

I love soaking my feet in warm Epsom salt water. I feel it helps prevent my dry skin and is a good maintenance program to keep my feet smooth and soft. It doesn’t call for many ingredients and it only takes a few minutes to do. Many people who have a callus will also soak their feet in Epsom salt water.

Here is the basic recipe that I use:

 Get a bucket of water just enough to cover up to your ankles with water.
 Stir in 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and continue stirring until fully dissolved.

 Soak your feet for 15 minutes and dry
 Apply some hand lotion


Dry your feet off and apply for hand lotion. Apply the hand lotion a little at a time and rub it in completely. Start with a small amount so you don’t get too much on your feet. If you do get extra you could rub some on your legs.

Continue rubbing your feet until the lotion has completely absorbed. If the hand lotion is not fully absorbed you could create a fungal infection. When using hand lotion on your feet you will not get a greasy feeling like you would if you are using body butter. You can compare hand lotion and body butter here.

Rub In:

Start with a half pump and hand lotion and work your way up from there. If your bottle doesn’t have a pump you can start with a pea-sized amount and rub it in. Applying extra unnecessary hand lotion will not do you any good. Your feet won’t heal any faster and you will just be wasting product. More isn’t always better in this situation.


When you apply hand lotion to your feet depends on how dry they are. If you have minimal dry feet or rough and bumpy feet you can get by applying hand lotion 1-2 times a day.

If you don’t have any signs of dry feet and just want softer and smoother feet you could get by with just every other day.

For cracked feet and heels you should apply hand lotion 3 times a day or according to your doctor. Some people say that you should soak your feet in an Epsom salt water bath if you have cracks.

If you have nerve damage, diabetes, or any other health problems see your doctor for advice on how to treat your dry feet.