Not all hand & body lotion is greasy. Each lotion is different because every company has their own recipe that they use. Sometimes the recipe that they use will be a little more greasy than what you are used to or what you prefer.

Every company has a formula that they believe is best for your skin, and some of those formulas are a little more greasy than others.

If you experience one that is too greasy for you, try another different kind. Also, make sure and check that you didn’t accidentally get body butter. Body butter can be very greasy when compared to hand & body lotion.



Why Is Some Hand & Body Lotion Greasy?

The reason that some hand & body lotion is greasier than others is because of the formula used when making the lotion. They are about 70-80% water depending on the formula. The rest of the ingredients are mainly oils with a preservative added. That means that about 20-30% of the lotion is oil.

This oil can feel greasy after you have applied it to yourself. Another factor to look at is the kind of oil used in the lotion. Some oils take longer to fully absorb into the skin than others do. A lot of times the cheaper oils will take longer to absorb and feel greasy.

You want to look for one that is made with a faster absorbing oil if you prefer less greasy hand lotion.

A few examples of faster absorbing oils are:

Jojoba Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Argan Oil


All of these oils are very high quality and shouldn’t clog your pores. These types of oils are fast absorbing and shouldn’t be greasy. Some companies won’t use these kinds of oil because they want to keep the highest profit margin that they can get.

Not all hand & body lotion is greasy, a lot of them are fast absorbing and leave no greasy residue behind.



Does Greasy Hand & Body Lotion Work Better?

Greasy lotion doesn’t work any better than non-greasy ones. This is because the ingredients in both greasy and non-greasy versions are the same. The only difference is the type of oil used and how much oil is used.

Hand & body lotion works by creating a barrier over the top of the skin. It also absorbs into the skin and helps moisturize as well. Some oils just happen to have a greasy feel to them and take longer to absorb.

That doesn’t make them bad or better to use. They still work the same way, the only difference is the greasy feeling you get when you apply them.



How To Tell If Hand & Body Lotion Won’t Be Greasy:

It can be very difficult to tell if the lotion won’t be greasy before you purchase it. Sometimes you might just have to take the risk if all else fails. Here are some tips to help tell if a hand lotion will be greasy:


Check The Ingredients:

The first step is to check the ingredients of the lotion. You will want to look and see what kind of oil it is made with. Some oils are greasy while others are not. If the lotion is made with any of these oils, they shouldn’t leave a greasy feeling:

Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Hazel Nut Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Sweet Almond Oil


Ask Around For Details:

Another tip is to ask around for details. You could ask your family or friends if the hand lotion they use is greasy. It would also be a good idea to look at the reviews and testimonials of the lotion. Make sure they don’t say that the hand lotion is greasy.

If you are purchasing from a store ask the clerk. They will be happy to assist you in finding the right non-greasy hand lotion. Look at the bottle of lotion. Can you find anywhere it says non-greasy?

Other terms like fast-absorbing can also mean that the product is non-greasy.


Start Small:

Buy the smallest bottle that you can buy at first. This should only be a few ounces. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you like the texture and moisturizing power of the hand & body lotion before purchasing it. If it’s not greasy, you can go back and buy a bigger bottle.


See About Returns:

A lot of companies offer returns for their product. Ask the store if they allow returns on opened products. A lot of big box stores will allow returns on the product.

If you are purchasing your hand lotion online, see how returns work. Most of the time you are stuck with paying the return shipping of the item.

The last thing you want to do is get stuck with greasy hand lotion that you don’t like.



Tips To Tolerate Greasy Hand & Body Lotion:

If you purchased greasy lotion and are unable to use it, you could try applying it at night. The goal is to try and apply the hand lotion at night right before bedtime so that you could fall asleep with it on and forget about it.

The hand & body lotion won’t work any better or anything, you will just be sleeping and won’t think about the greasy feeling of it.



Why Are Some Hand & Body Lotions Greasier Than Others?

Some are greasier than others due to the oil that is used when making the hand lotion. Some oil tends to absorb into your skin at a fairly quick rate. This is the case with most lotions. However, some oils are slow to absorb into your skin and can give you a greasy feeling.

Different companies use different oils to moisturize and all of them have their pros and cons to them. If you only had a greasy hand & body lotion you shouldn’t assume that all hand lotions are that way.



What Is The Best Non-Greasy Hand & Body Lotion?

The best non-greasy lotion should be made from the highest quality ingredients. Personally, I would avoid any synthetic ingredients, perfumes, alcohols, or dyes. To find the best non-greasy lotion you need to find a company that you can trust.



Can Greasy Hand & Body Lotion Clog Pores?

Yes, both greasy and non-greasy hand & body lotion can clog your pores. It’s important to buy the right kind of lotion that will not clog your pores. The reason that both greasy and non-greasy lotion clog your pores is from the oil in the hand lotion.

The best kinds of oils that I recommend that won’t clog your pores are jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Your pores won’t clog any faster if your lotion has a greasy feeling to it. That is because oil can be non-comedogenic. This means that the oil will not clog your pores, it doesn’t matter how much you use.

The only way that lotion can clog your pores is if it’s comedogenic. Then it won’t matter if the hand & body lotion has a greasy feeling to it or not. Comedogenic oils will clog your pores.

To tell if your lotion is non-comedogenic can be challenging to do. The easiest way to tell is to look for the word non-comedogenic on the bottle of hand lotion somewhere. Other times it will say it right on the bottle that this product doesn’t clog pores.