I often get asked what is the best way to use a body scrub. I did some research and put together a few quick steps that you can follow during your next scrub.

The six main steps are to shave, wash, apply, rub it in, rinse, and moisturize. I will go into each step in more detail so that your skin turns out perfect every time.

Using a body scrub the right way can save you trouble down the road. They are not that difficult to use, however, they should always be taken seriously and the directions should be followed to get the best out of them.


The best thing that you can do is to shave your skin first. If you’re not planning on shaving for a few days, you won’t have to worry about shaving first.

The main benefit of shaving is so the scrub won’t irritate your skin.

Sometimes people experience redness or sensitive skin after they shave and applying a body scrub after shaving could worsen your skin, cause small bumps, or even irritate your skin.

Shaving beforehand prevents this and can save you some trouble down the road.

Shaving won’t make the body scrub work any better and you won’t get any faster results by shaving beforehand. It’s just a precaution to consider so that you get the best experience during a body scrub.

You don’t have to change the technique that you shave with either and you can use your normal shaving cream that you always use.

However, you always don’t have to shave before a scrub. If you aren’t planning on shaving for the next few days or you normally don’t shave, then you don’t have to shave.


Another important step is to wash your skin before using the scrub. Everyone has dirt on their skin and you don’t want your skin to be dirty while using a scrub.

Using a body scrub with dirt on your skin could cause irritation. A small piece of dirt could cause additional redness or even light scratches on the skin.

This is because the pressure that you apply to the scrub will cause anything on top of your skin to be rubbed into your skin.

It’s also important to wash so that your skin removes all the excess oil on your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, rubbing excess oil over your body could cause additional breakouts.

A simple body or face wash is fine to use, you don’t have to go out of your way with a special soap or cleanser. A body soap should only be used on the body and not the face.

If your scrub has soap already mixed in, you should at least rinse off your skin before you apply it. However, if your skin is very dirty, you should always wash off first.

Apply The Scrub:

Begin by taking some of the scrub and putting it onto your hands. After that, rub your hands together and apply the scrub to the area of skin that you wish to scrub.

A body scrub should always be applied to wet skin. This will help it from drying out and being too rough on your skin. Applying the scrub to wet skin will also feel better and glide over your skin easier while rubbing it in.

It’s hard to say how much to apply to your skin. Some body scrubs come in pump bottles and others come in containers with lids that screw on. It isn’t as simple as saying to apply 1 or 2 pumps because each companies container will dispense a different amount of product.

The best advice you can do is to go by your gut feeling. If you think you’re applying too much, you probably are. Start out with a small amount and work your way up to an amount you are comfortable working with.

Rub It In:

After you have applied the body scrub, it’s time to rub in it. This is the best part of a body scrub since it feels amazing. If you have never done a scrub before, you will love the way that it feels on your skin.

Start off by using the tips of your fingers and rubbing in the scrub. You should always use a small circular motion to make sure that you are getting all over the skin.

The pressure should be a light to moderate that you press against your skin.

This is the part that you should go slow and take your time. Rushing this part could cause skin irritation and your skin may even take longer to heal.

Sometimes people like to use an exfoliating brush or even a battery-powered one. This is fine to do as long as you’re not applying too much pressure or staying in the same area for too long.

The main thing with a battery-powered exfoliating brush is to keep it moving slowly, don’t stop and hold it one spot for too long.


The next step is to rinse off the scrub. It can be done either in cool or warm water, it’s up to you. Some people think that using either warm or cool water is better than the other. However, I haven’t found this to be the case.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you’re getting the entire scrub off your skin.

Some have soaps in them and leaving the scrub on your skin could cause skin irritation or dryness.


From my experience, it’s best that you moisturize right after the body scrub, and then continue to moisturize at least every other day. However, it would be best to moisturize daily if you can.

A good moisturizer should always be applied to your skin after a scrub to keep it healthy. A moisturizer will help your skin heal faster, keep your skin hydrated, and help calm any redness that you may experience.

The best news is that you probably don’t have to go out and buy a new moisturizer, the one you already have should be fine.

 The only thing is to make sure that your moisturizer is non-comedogenic if you have acne-prone skin. This means the moisturizer shouldn’t clog your pores and cause additional breakouts.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you’re using a moisturizer and not a body butter.

How Often Do I Need To Use A Body Scrub:

It can be tricky question to answer about how often you need to use a body scrub. The general answer is that it varies depending on the type of skin you have and your goals. The average person should use a body scrub about every 3-5 days.

Here are a few factors to consider on how often to apply a scrub:

Where You Apply The Scrub:

Some areas of the skin are more fragile than others. For example, the skin on your face is going to be weaker compared to the skin on your heels.

A scrub could be used on your feet, hands, and legs more often since the skin holds up more compared to your face or neck.

What Is Your Skin Like:

The type of skin you have is a huge factor into determining how often to apply a body scrub. Some people seem like they have skin where a body scrub could be applied daily. Other people have very sensitive skin where they may have to wait longer.

After a few scrubs you will know what type of skin you have and you can adjust accordingly. The main thing is to give your skin a few days to rest before doing another scrub no matter what kind of skin you have.

Check The Directions:

The directions are a big help in determining how often to use a body scrub. Check the label to see how often they recommend using the product.

Remember, you should always follow all the directions on the label before taking any advice from anywhere else.


Overall you should use a body scrub every 3-5 days or what you’re most comfortable with. I always recommend that you give your skin a break of a day or two just to help your skin recover.

The main thing is to look at your skin after a few applications. Check and see how your skin looks. If you think you need to hold off for longer, then hold off.

If you think you can get by doing a scrub more often, try it and see how it works.

Can I Use A Body Scrub Too Much:

It’s possible that you can use a body scrub too much. When this happens, you may experience some side effects and your skin will take longer to heal.

Here is a list of side effects that you could face by using a scrub too often:


Your skin may start to become red if you use a scrub too much. It probably won’t be a bright red or anything like that.

Most people experience a red tint to their faces from overdoing it. Also, the redness that you do get could take up to a couple of days to go away.

Irritated Skin:

The skin could also become irritated by using a body scrub too much. Irritated skin means that you skin can become flaky, painful to the touch, or just overall rough looking.

Normally people will experience redness of the skin before it starts to irritate your skin.

When Not To Use A Body Scrub:

It’s important to read and follow all the directions of a scrub before you use one.

However, I put together a few instances where a body scrub shouldn’t be used.


Check the expiration date and make sure the product isn’t outdated.

An outdated product is not only ineffective, but it could also make you sick. One reason cosmetic products have an expiration date is that the preservative mixed in could expire and germs could start to grow.

Germs, mold, and other bacteria could start to grow in a scrub that is outdated. Applying a tainted scrub to your skin could make you sick or have some kind of reaction.

Most scrubs will have an expiration date somewhere on the container. They will usually last from 1-3 years, however, it’s always best to check the container to make sure that is the case.

Irritated Skin:

Avoid using a scrub if you have any kind of irritated skin. Irritated skin takes longer to heal and applying a body scrub to it could make the irritation worse.

A few examples of irritated skin are:

Red Skin
Painful Skin
Blistering Skin

Always make sure that your skin is healthy before using any kind of scrub on it.

Skin Conditions:

It’s best to avoid using a scrub for certain skin conditions.

Here is a list of certain skin problems where you should avoid using a scrub:

Very Sensitive Skin:

If you have very sensitive skin, you need to use a body scrub with caution or avoid using one altogether. Using one on sensitive skin could cause red skin and irritated skin. Some people also get painful skin after using a scrub on very sensitive skin.

Some people also get painful skin after using a scrub on very sensitive skin.

Most of the time these are rare and you should test out a small area before starting out to see how your skin will react.


Never use a scrub on any kind of bites that you may have on your skin. It’s best to let them heal completely because a scrub could irritate them more.

Using a body scrub on bites could make the bite heal slower or even spread bacteria from the bite to another part of your body.

Always consult with your doctor if you have a bite or have one that is taking a long time to heal.


Using a scrub on a rash could make the rash worse or even take longer to heal. It’s never a good idea to use any kind of cosmetic product around any kind of rash that you may have.

The best thing you could do is to hold off or avoid the area with the rash and contact your doctor.