Hand lotion could help reduce the appearance of some wrinkles. However, hand lotion will not prevent or fully eliminate wrinkles. Hand lotions job is to moisturize the skin and some types of wrinkles look worse when you have dry skin. However, using a lotion may not make wrinkles go away overnight, it may just make them less noticeable.

What Are Wrinkles:

Wrinkles are folds in the skin of people. These folds in the skin can lower people’s self-esteem or make you look a lot older than you actually are. Most wrinkles happen in people who are over the age of 40. However, you can get wrinkles at any age. Everyone gets wrinkles in their skin. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.

Why Do We Get Wrinkles:

Everyone gets wrinkles when they age. This is because the skin loses elasticity as we age. Our skin is made up of stem cells and as we get older, we have fewer stem cells in our skin. This causes our skin to become weaker, thinner, and the healing time for our skin increases as we age. Our collagen and elastic fibers decrease causing our skin to not bounce back as they would when we were younger.

People who suntan a lot or don’t wear sunscreen may get wrinkles sooner since the ultraviolet light damages their skin a lot more than people who wear sunscreen.


How To Help Prevent Wrinkles:

The best way to not get wrinkles is to prevent them from happening. Even if you follow all of these steps, you will get wrinkles. There is no way to prevent all wrinkles. Special steps are taken to help prevent wrinkles but there is no cure for them.

Here are some tips:

Drink More Water:

The most important thing that you need to drink is water. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water. Our cells in our body need water to function. The best part about water is that nothing is added to it. Water is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors. If you need to have flavor in your water you could try infusing your water.

Get Sleep:

Having a good night’s sleep every night can be less stressful and may help prevent wrinkles. The skin likes to repair itself at night when we are sleeping. Having a good night’s sleep can also take away the stress and we can wake up feeling more refreshed.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking has a lot of bad side effects and premature aging is one of them. It’s possible for you to get more wrinkles if you smoke. You can also start seeing more wrinkles and fine lines at an earlier age.

Use A Lotion:

Lotion will make sure that your skin stays hydrated. You can use a lotion every day of the year and not just when your skin feels dry. This makes sure that your skin is always hydrated at all times of the year. The best lotion you can use is the lotion that is free of synthetic ingredients, perfumes, and artificial coloring.
Here Are Some Tips For Using A Lotion:

Get The Right Kind:

The right kind of lotion can be hard to choose if you’re not careful. I recommend getting a kind that is free of synthetics, fragrances, and artificial coloring. All of these ingredients will eventually get absorbed into your skin and I just like to use all-natural ingredients, not ingredients made in a lab.

Apply Everywhere:

When most people think about wrinkles, they just think about wrinkles in their face. This might be because it’s easier to hide wrinkles on other parts of our body. You should apply lotion on all parts of your body including face, hands, arms, legs, and feet. A good lotion will help conceal the appearance of wrinkles
Test Different Lotions:

I would test out different kinds of lotions before I start to use one kind. Some lotions are more greasy than others. Other lotions may be too thick or thin for your preference. Some lotions also have parabens in them and you should avoid those at all costs.


Use Retinol Cream:

A retinol cream might be a lifesaver for some people. A retinol cream is just a vitamin A derivative. The right retinol cream can help with wrinkles or fine lines. This can also help prevent them if you don’t have any just yet.

You should be careful before using a retinol cream here are some tips:

Start Off Small:

Retinol is very powerful and you need to start with a small amount to get your skin use to it. If you start with too much your skin may start to peel, flake, or turn red. This can cause a lot of irritation on your skin. If this happens, stop using the product and ask your dermatologist.
Apply At Night:

A retinol cream should be applied at night. This is because your face becomes vulnerable to the sun after using the product. You should use a sunscreen when you use retinol cream.

Ask Your Dermatologist:

It’s always best to ask your dermatologist or doctor before using a retinoid. A lot of different strengths and formulas are on the market today. Some of them even require a prescription from your doctor.


When To Apply Lotion For Wrinkles:

You can apply lotion for wrinkles at any time of the day. This could be morning or night. I recommend applying lotion for wrinkles at least twice a day. This will make sure that the skin is fully moisturized and healthy. This could help aid in the appearance of wrinkles and may even make your skin healthier.

If you forget a day, don’t worry too much just put in on that night or the next morning. If a lotion is too thick or greasy, you may need to apply that lotion at night or find a different lotion. Putting it on at night does nothing special, we will just tend to forget about it when we are sleeping.

How Much Lotion To Use For Wrinkles:

Applying lotion for wrinkles is just like applying lotion for dry skin. The goal is to use the least amount of lotion but, not so less that you don’t receive any benefits from it. Always start with a small amount of lotion and work your way up to the amount you are comfortable with.

It also depends where the wrinkles on your skin are. Different body parts will require different amounts of lotion to help with the appearance of wrinkles. You can get wrinkles on your face, chest, arms, hands, and feet. You can see this guide here on how much to apply if you still need help.

The biggest advice is just to start with what you feel comfortable with.

Why Might Lotion Help With Wrinkles:

Lotion probably won’t be a miracle product or make your wrinkles disappear overnight. However, the lotion may help with the appearance of some wrinkles. This can be from the skin being fully re-hydrated or one of the good ingredients that are inside certain lotions.

Some lotions contain vitamin e oil, aloe vera, or honey. All of these ingredients are good for your skin. The ingredients themselves may even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

However, they will not fully eliminate the wrinkle, they will just make the wrinkle less noticeable.

Best Lotion For Wrinkles:

The best lotion to help the appearance of wrinkles is going to be the lotion with the best moisturizing power. You will want to find the highest quality lotion for wrinkles.

However, you don’t want to use a lotion with a lot of synthetic ingredients, dyes, perfumes, or alcohol in it. These ingredients may irritate your skin and cause redness.

The best lotion for wrinkles will be a lotion that you can use all over your body as well without getting a greasy feeling to it. Some lotions are made so thick that you will feel greasy or oily after using them. They may not even fully absorb into your skin and you will have an oily residue to them.