What Can I Use For Eczema:

Eczema can be difficult to heal and the ingredients in the products should be used with caution.
The three main product types for Eczema are prescriptions, creams, and lotions. Each one of these has a different approach of trying to heal Eczema. The goal is to try and find what works best for you and your skin.
A prescription will most likely treat the root cause of the Eczema. Lotions and creams are often used to help the skin with additional redness and irritation.


Prescriptions for Eczema:

Prescriptions for Eczema are sometimes saved for the most severe cases. They are going to be the strongest concentration of medicine. These will need a doctor’s approval. Eczema prescriptions are often steroids that help with the different symptoms you have. You will normally have to apply this medicine twice a day. Prescriptions do come with side effects that should be discussed with your doctor.

Lotions and Creams for Eczema:

Many lotions and creams are not labeled for Eczema since they would need FDA approval. This is a long, expensive, and drawn-out process. You would be better off looking for lotions and creams labeled calming or all-natural. These lotions are unlikely to have any unnecessary ingredients added to them. Please note that this isn’t always the case.
If you are still unsure you can look at the ingredients. Many have ingredients such as oatmeal or honey listed on the ingredients list.
Creams are going to be thicker and may even absorb slower. This is perfect because you may not need to apply them as much. However, they may have a greasy feeling to them depending on the formula that is used. This is because more oil is used in the formula compared to lotions.
Lotions are my favorite for when I get mild Eczema. They are lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy. This is because they are made with less oil compared to creams. I talked with a few of my friends who get Eczema and about half of them prefer lotion. The other half prefer to get the creams. It’s a personal choice and I don’t think you could go wrong by choosing one over the other.
A lot of companies make lotions and it can be overwhelming to pick one out at first. The best tip you can do is to look over the ingredients. Generally speaking, the more ingredients you can pronounce, the better off the product. This is especially true for Eczema or sensitive skin.
If you have severe Eczema it’s always best to see your medical doctor right away.

Can I Put Lotion On Eczema:

You should be able to put the right kind of lotion on Eczema. Most lotion is formulated to help calm the skin and provide moisture. But, not all lotion is formulated the same and good for Eczema. Everyone has skin that will react differently when applying lotion to Eczema. Always consult with a medical doctor before you use any lotion or have any problems using lotion.
I’ll go through a few different kinds of lotion and ingredients. You should look over before buying them.

Calming Lotion for Eczema:

Calming lotion is my favorite kind of lotion to apply for Eczema. This is because it works well and is one of the easiest lotions that you can find. The best thing you can do is to check the label and look for something about calming. It can be worded in different ways such as calming lotion, great for all skin types or etc.


Oatmeal in Lotion for Eczema:

Oatmeal is a great ingredient to have in lotion for Eczema. I always remember as a kid I would have an oatmeal bath every so often. It was when I had a rash or very itchy skin. Oatmeal has properties in it that are great for your skin and may help calming and healing. It can be harder to find a lotion that has oatmeal in it.
For some reason, it’s not that popular anymore. In my opinion, oatmeal in lotion is one of the best kinds of lotion that you can buy.


Honey in Lotion for Eczema:

Honey is another great choice to look for in a lotion for Eczema. It’s another older ingredient that has been around for many years. It can also be harder to find in retail stores. I thought honey would have a different texture to it compared to other lotions. But, I have experienced no issues with honey in lotion. The texture and absorption are right on target with other types of lotion.


Lavender in Lotion for Eczema:

Lavender in lotion is my least favorite kind of lotion. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad for you though. It really depends on the amount of lavender that a company put into the lotion. I have sensitive skin and have to have a lower amount of lavender in my lotion. It’s impossible to tell how concentrated the lavender is in any kind of lotion.
Lavender can also irritate your skin when used in larger quantities.

What Is A Good Hand Lotion For Eczema:

A good hand lotion for Eczema can be hard to find. A lot of companies like to cut back on the quality of the ingredients to save money. Lotion for Eczema needs to have high-quality ingredients for your skin.
You have to take a few steps and make sure that you’re getting the right kind and even the right brand of lotion.

Look for Calming Lotion:

Any lotion that says calming will be better than one that doesn’t. Most calming lotion is formulated with ingredients that will help calm the skin. Note that not all calming lotions will be the same. Some will be made with ingredients such as oatmeal or honey. If you are unsuccessful with calming lotion you can try always try another brand.


Avoid Parabens:

Parabens have a lot of controversy around them about whether they’re good for you or not. A lot of researches often disagree about how good they actually are. You don’t need parabens in your lotion if you don’t want them. Not every lotion has parabens and they will often say that on the container.


Get a Quality Brand:

I can’t stress that you need to get a quality brand enough. It can take a while to find a good quality brand of lotion. So many companies often fight to have the lowest cost of lotion. When this happens, they will often cut the quality of the lotion to make up the difference. Then you will end up using more product compared to if you just bought a higher quality lotion in the first place.


Can Lotion Make Eczema Worse:

It’s possible that some lotion can make Eczema worse. Sometimes unnecessary ingredients could cause more skin irritation, itchiness, or irritation. Everyone has skin that will react differently to different products. The best thing you can do is to start off with lotion that has the least amount of unnecessary ingredients.
Always look for a lotion that is free of any synthetic ingredients.
I put together a list of ingredients that some people can be sensitive to. Check the list over with the ingredients before you purchase the lotion. If in doubt, see if the lotion has a return policy. That way you can get your money back if the lotion causes more irritation.


Parabens are added to a lotion or any other cosmetic product to help extend the shelf life of the product. This would be good if parabens were actually good for you. Many people have a strong opinion about parabens. They either say they are fine or you should avoid them altogether.
I would avoid any product that has parabens in them. Look at the ingredients for any ingredient that ends in -paraben. A few common parabens are isobutylparaben and ethylparaben.


Often times a company will add dyes to a lotion to give it additional color. I can’t find any research that says a certain color of lotion will work better. Dyes are added for marketing and appearance of the product. The dyes are most often are made from synthetic ingredients. People who have Eczema want to avoid lotions that have synthetic ingredients added. This will help prevent more irritation to the skin.


Scents are added to many different lotions to give the lotion a great smell. Having scents in a lotion could cause more irritation or redness. Most scents are not natural and synthetically made. This means that the scents are produced in a lab. This means they can contain hundreds of different ingredients.
You may have a skin type that is sensitive to these ingredients. They may cause additional redness or irritation in certain people.

What does lotion for Eczema do?

Lotions for Eczema are formulated to help calm the skin, stop the itch, and hydrate the skin. The ingredients are formulated to work together. All of this needs to be done to get the best results from using lotion. Sometimes lotion does very little or nothing for helping Eczema. It varies from person to person and skin type to skin type.


Create A Barrier:

The ingredients in lotion help create a barrier that protects the skin. This barrier helps the skin protect against itself and for the healing process to start. The barrier is created by the oils in the lotion. They don’t absorb into the skin as fast and create a light barrier. This barrier acts as a shield and helps protect the skin from losing moisture.

Calm the Skin:

A lot of lotion is made with ingredients that are meant to help calm the skin. Our skin can become irritated and the right ingredients may need to be applied to help. The right lotion will help calm the skin, reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation. This is one of the main goals for someone with Eczema and the right lotion needs to be picked out.

Stop the Itch:

Lotions that help stop the itch will definitely help take your mind off your Eczema. Itching your Eczema can cause additional pain and more irritated skin. Skin that is itchy will often be red and even inflamed or painful in some cases.


Skin that is well-hydrated usually takes less time to recover and can often times heal faster. The best part about hydrating your skin is that you can’t overdo it. You can use as much lotion as you want and never have to worry about overdoing it. However, using more lotion doesn’t equal faster or better results.
Always stop using a lotion if you experience any burning or stinging. Discard the lotion right away.
Remember, most lotions are not approved by the FDA. This means that the containers and labels can’t say anything about treating Eczema.