A high-quality lotion can be good for treating and preventing dry hands. Some companies use lower quality ingredients and they get the same low-quality product and results. The ingredients of the lotion will play a huge role in helping relieving dry hands.

Your hands can start out as dry and then eventually turn into something more serious such as cracked hands. This can be really painful. It’s best to treat dry hands right away to prevent them from getting worse.

Best Hand & Body Lotion Ingredients:

A good lotion for dry hands will need high-quality ingredients to do the best job treating your dry hands. Some high-quality ingredients that your lotion may have could include argan oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera gel. You will not find many of these ingredients cheap to buy. Some companies will use cheap ingredients or ingredients that can clog your pores.

What Are Dry Hands?

You get dry hands when your hands lose the moisture content in themselves. You can tell that you have dry hands when you look at them and can see dried skin. People may also have dry hands if their hands are rough and bumpy. In other words, if your hands aren’t smooth. This is pretty common, a lot of people experience dry hands throughout the year. We will go over why we get dry hands and what lotion is good for dry hands later on.

Why Do We Get Dry Hands?

There are a few reasons we get dry hands. One reason is because of weather changes. During the winter, the air in our house and outside becomes dry. When the air becomes dry, it causes our hands to lose moisture. Our bodies are unable to keep up providing enough moisture to our hands and then our hands dry out.

Another way people can get dry hands is by washing them too much with the wrong soap. People like nurses, CNA’s, and doctors have to wash their hands a lot throughout the day for sanitary reasons. When this happens, the soap they use could cause their hands to become dried out.

The soap could be made of chemicals that dry our hands out. People who wash their dishes by hand can also experience dry hands from the soap.

If you use too much hand sanitizer you could also get dry hands. Most hand sanitizer is made with alcohol that it meant to kill germs. The germs do die when exposed to alcohol. The bad news is that alcohol could dry out our hands if we use it too much.

Some people may have a medical condition such as eczema that causes dry hands. If you believe that you may have eczema or any other medical condition, you need to see a doctor.

How To Prevent Dry Hands:

You can take a different number of precautions to help prevent dry hands. Not all dry hands can be prevented, that is why sometimes you need to use a lotion for dry hands. Follow some of these tips if you have dry hands and see if they work for you.


A lot of us get dry hands during the winter months. A few simple precautions that you could make are to wear gloves when you go outside to avoid extremely dry air. Also, using a humidifier indoors can help put moisture back into the air for your skin.

Change Your Soap:

Sometimes the soap you use will cause your hands to dry out. Change your soap to something that is meant for dry skin. You should try something with more natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients.

Hand Sanitizer:

I wouldn’t want you to quit using hand sanitizer since it’s a great way to keep your hands clean. Just keep in mind that your hand sanitizer may be drying out your hands. Try and look for a hand sanitizer that is good and won’t dry out your hands as much. If you have a soap that won’t dry your hands out, use that more often. Washing your hands is always better than using hand sanitizer.

Use Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand lotion is a product that you can use to help with dry hands. You can use hand lotion from anywhere between 1-3 times a day. If you want to prevent dry hands, you can also use hand lotion. Hand lotion has been used for many years for one good reason- it works.

How Does Hand & Body Lotion Work For Dry Hands?

Lotion works three different ways to help dry hands. It will penetrate your skin, help your skin retain moisture, and create a barrier that prevents your hands from drying out further.

Lotion also has good ingredients that will help soothe and calm your hands. Lotion is made up of water and oil emulsified together. It has about 70% water and the rest is oil and other ingredients that are good for your hands.

The oil will create a barrier on top of your hands to prevent them from drying out further. Other oils will penetrate deep into your hands to help provide moisture. The water helps make the lotion spread easily over your skin and also provides moisture.

The Best Hand & Body Lotion For Dry Hands:

The best lotion for dry hands is hard to find. If you go to a store, you will find lotions that are all full of synthetics, chemicals, parabens, or something else that you don’t want to add on your skin.

If you try and buy it online, you really don’t know what your getting. Some people make their own lotion and sell online. What some of them leave out is that they don’t add preservatives. If your lotion doesn’t have that, it will start to go bad after 2 days after being made.

Another thing that I like to avoid is testing on animals. I think that it is cruel to test cosmetic products like lotions on lab animals. It’s a controversial subject and companies make it really hard to tell if they test on animals since they don’t want you to know.

The best lotion for dry hands is paraben-free, no synthetic ingredients, no chemicals, not tested on animals, and packaged in a BPA free container It may be a trick to find the right lotion.

How To Use Hand & Body Lotion For Dry Hands:

So you have dry hands and just got some new lotion or found some in your cabinet. What do you do next? The first thing is to ask yourself if you have any medical conditions. If you do, ask your doctor if you should be using hand lotion. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor. A good lotion should be fine to use with your doctor’s approval.

See how dry your hands actually are. If you have really bad dry hands you may need to apply the lotion more often.

Wash your hands first before applying hand lotion. You need to give around 30-40 minutes for the lotion to absorb into the skin otherwise you could wash the good lotion off.

You should use a good amount of hand lotion. About the size of a quarter should be enough for both hands. Put about the size of a quarter in one hand and the lotion into both until dry.

Depending on how dry your hands are you could apply lotion up to three times a day. If your applying lotion three times a day and are not getting any better, see your doctor

When To Apply Hand & Body Lotion For Dry Hands:

When to apply lotion to your hands is up to you. I would start off 1-2 times daily both morning and night. If you are using lotion to prevent dry hands, once daily may be enough. Others use hand lotion every other day to help prevent dry hands.

It doesn’t matter the day or time that you apply the hand & body lotion. It won’t make a difference in how well it works. Some people like to apply lotion on at night and sleep with it on. Other people like to apply it in the morning while they are getting ready for school or work.

Make sure that you give it plenty of time to absorb into your skin. Sometimes it may take up to 45 minutes for the product to be absorbed into the skin. If you wash your hands or take a shower after applying the lotion. You risk the chance of rinsing all the product off. This would be a waste of product and your dry hands won’t get any better.

The lotion that is good for dry hands is the lotion that you like and will continue to use. You can have a really good lotion but if it doesn’t get used it won’t help any.