Cracked skin is when our skin gets so dry that it can actually start to crack. These cracks in the skin can be extremely painful and sensitive. Some people even experience cracks so bad that they start to bleed. Hand & Body Lotion For Cracked Skin will help out your hands if you get the right kind. You will want to look for a lotion that has the right ingredients to help out your cracked skin. Some products may sting or even burn if you get the wrong kind of lotion.

If left untreated, cracked skin could be a place for bacteria and fungi to live and cause an infection.

It’s best to use a hand & body lotion to help prevent cracked skin. This is because it’s a lot easier to prevent cracked skin then treat it once you have it. But first, let’s start off with how we end up getting cracked skin.



How Do We Get Cracked Skin?

The skin becomes so dry that it cracks our skin. The weather can also play a role in having cracked skin. In the wintertime, the air inside our houses is dryer since the furnace removes moisture from the air. This can cause our skin to crack if it becomes too dry. Other climates such as dry and less humid climates can also contribute to getting cracked skin.

We can get cracked skin on our hands, feet, and even our knuckles.

However, the most common places we get cracked skin are on our hands and feet.



Cracked skin on our hands can be extremely painful at times. Your hands may become overly sensitive and you may feel pain if you try to make a fist.



Our feet have very thick skin and cracked feet need to be taken seriously since we are standing on them all day. Our heels** can also become cracked as well. It can be extremely painful at times to have cracked feet.

You can learn more about cracked skin by visiting this website.



How To Help Cracked Skin:

The best and really only way to help cracked skin is to apply a hand & body lotion to the skin. A lotion has certain ingredients that are formulated together to help heal cracked skin. If you don’t apply the right kind of lotion, water could get trapped in the cracks and bacteria can start growing inside the cracks.

The lotion should have a preservative in it to prevent any bacterial growth. That way it’s safe to use on your cracked skin and if it all doesn’t get fully absorbed bacteria won’t be able to start growing.



Ingredients In Hand & Body Lotion That Help Cracked Skin:

Many ingredients can help moisturize your skin but, you need powerful ingredients to help cracked skin. This may sound like you need some synthetic ingredient, that could be dangerous, to do the job. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Many ingredients that you may hear of are great for helping cracked skin. The best part is that these ingredients can also come in lotion.

Jojoba Oil
Aloe Vera

This is just a short list of what your lotion should have in it to help with cracked skin. However, different companies will use different formulas to help with your cracked skin. All of these ingredients don’t have to be in the hand & body lotion, but each ingredient will help.



Could Hand & Body Lotion Prevent Cracked Skin?

Yes, lotion can help prevent cracked skin. The reason that our skin becomes cracked is that it becomes so dry. The way to prevent cracked skin is to avoid dry skin.

Hand & body lotion is made to help prevent dry skin. By using lotion every day, you are making sure that your skin has plenty of moisture and will never dry out.



How To Pick Out The Best Hand & Body Lotion For Cracked Skin:

Picking out the best lotion for cracked skin can be a challenge. Here is a quick guide for you to use when trying to find the best lotion for cracked skin.


Check The Ingredients:

You want to get just plain hand & body lotion for your cracked skin. This means no alcohols, no fragrances, no perfumes, no dyes, no artificial coloring, and no synthetic ingredients.

This will make sure that you are getting the pure lotion and nothing else added. Some of these ingredients could irritate or burn your cracked hands. The last thing you want to do is use a product that will make your cracked hands worse.


You Need A Preservative:

If you are buying your lotion from someone who makes it at their house, make sure they add a preservative to it. A preservative will keep the lotion from growing bacteria. If your lotion doesn’t have a preservative, it could start to grow mold after a few days.

Now that is something you want to avoid on your skin since bacteria and mold could cause respiratory problems in people.


You Need Healing Power:

A hand & body lotion that is best for cracked skin will have good healing power. This is usually some kind of oil that is healthy for your skin. The kind of oil could be anything from jojoba oil to sweet almond oil. If you have acne-prone skin, check here to see what type of oil in your lotion is best for acne-prone skin.


Get A Trusted Brand:

Besides the ingredients, the most important thing you can get about a lotion is trust. You need a company that you can trust. A good company with the right ingredients for cracked skin can be a challenging task to find.

Always check the return policy of any lotion before you purchase. If you don’t like anything about the return policy or the company, find a new one. There are lots of companies to choose from if you need to find a good company.



Could Hand & Body Lotion Burn My Cracked Skin?

Yes, it’s possible for hand & body lotion to burn your cracked skin when you apply it. This doesn’t happen a lot of times and is quite rare. The reason that it could burn your cracked skin would be the kind of ingredients in the lotion.




Synthetic ingredients

All these ingredients could cause burning when applying hand lotion to cracked hands. The reason that the lotion can burn is that these ingredients are meant for external use only. When you have cracked skin, these ingredients have a path right into your body.

These are harsh ingredients that many people try to avoid. Your best bet would be to find a lotion that has none of these ingredients in the formula.

Check the ingredients in the lotion to see if they could be irritant to your skin. If so, then the lotion could burn a little when applying it. Many have alcohols and irritants that are not good for skin



How Long Do I Apply Hand & Body Lotion To Cracked Skin?

The best answer is to apply lotion to cracked skin until it’s gone. Healing cracked skin may take anywhere between a few days up to a week. This doesn’t depend on the lotion as much as how bad your cracked skin is. It’s very important to keep monitoring your cracked skin to make sure that it’s not getting any worse.

If your cracked skin is getting worse or not healing, call your doctor.

After you have gotten rid of your cracked skin you could go on a maintenance routine. This will help prevent you from getting cracked skin in the future and avoid all the trouble.

You can then keep applying lotion every day, multiple times a day, or every other day. This can help prevent cracked skin from reoccurring and keeps your skin moisturized.

The bottom line for maintenance is all up to you and what you feel is best for your own skin.



Can I Treat The Cracked Skin On My Hands & Feet With The Same Lotion?

It really depends on the brand of lotion that you use. Check the back of the product for the directions. In my experience, you should be able to use the same lotion all over your body. This is because all the ingredients in a hand & body lotion can go anywhere over the body. Make sure that you always use the lotion externally.

Sometimes a product has a product that is labeled for a specific body part. I wouldn’t recommend applying the lotion anywhere else except where the directions say to.

If you have any questions you can contact the company or the store where you purchased the product.



How Often To Apply Hand & Body Lotion For Cracked Skin:

It’s always best to look at the hand & body lotion you’re using for applying to cracked skin. Many lotions are safe to use 1-3 times daily. I would recommend sticking closer to the 3 times daily number if you have really bad cracked skin. Some lotions say to be used every 4-6 hours. If your lotion says that, apply it that often.

If your lotion doesn’t say anything about how often to apply, I would stick with 1-3 times daily. Contact the company for confirmation and until you have further details to I would recommend using the hand & body lotion 1-3 times daily.

How often to apply the lotion also depends on where your cracked skin is. If your feet are cracked, it maybe needs to be applied more often versus your hands. You feet have thicker skin on them and it could take longer for them to heal.