It’s possible for a lotion to stain. Lotion has what they call an oil stain so special attention is needed to help to get the stain out completely. Action must take place fast before the stain has time to set.

Once that stain has set it can be impossible to remove. Just throwing it in the washer will not completely remove the stain.

How To Get A Lotion Stain Out:

Lotion is a tricky stain because lotion contains both water and oil. The stain can be more difficult to get out due to the oil in the lotion. Just throwing the stained item in the washer will not remove the stain. You will have to use a special cleaner that is made to remove oil.

A few special steps must be taken to completely remove the lotion stain:

Get Excess Lotion Off:

The first step is to get excess lotion off the fabric. Try and wash most of the excess lotion off first with a damp rag or washcloth. You could also run the cloth under the water faucet to remove any excess lotion.

Getting the excess lotion off does a few things. It will prevent the lotion of spreading and creating a larger spot or another stain.

Getting the excess lotion off also keeps the stain moist.

Keep The Stain Moist:

Keeping the stain moist is an important part. It is very critical to keep the stain wet. This will make the stain much easier to come out versus if you let it dry. You should take the item and run it under cold water.

The cold water will keep the stain from drying out too fast. It is much easier to work with a wet stain compared to one that has been dried. I recommend  soaking the item of clothing in a bucket of water if you are short on time and cannot finish removing the stain until later on.

It is very important to keep the stain wet so it doesn’t set. If you are unable to put the item under cold water get a very damp rag and apply it to the stain to keep it wet.

Apply Stain Remover:

After the stain is wet you will want to apply some stain remover to the stain. There are many different stain removers and most of them would be fine to use. The most important step is to make sure that the product will work for oil-based stains.

Also, Make sure to check the label and make sure the product is able to be used on the material. The last thing you want to do is use a stain remover that will ruin the material that you are applying it to.

Let the product soak on the stain according to the directions.

I would wait 10-15 minutes before going to the next step. Read all directions with your stain remover and follow those.

Wash The Item:

After the product has been applied to the stain it should be safe to wash the product. Put the item into the clothes washer. You can put other items in the washer at the same time. The stain will not transfer to the other materials in the washer.

Don’t put the item in the dryer unless the stain is completely removed.

If your item cannot be washed you can rinse the product out under the sink. Larger objects may need to be rinsed off in the bathtub. If you are doing this; gently rub the stain while you are rinsing it with water.

Be sure to use cool water when rinsing the stain.

If the stain is still persistent, repeat the steps above and start the process over.

Important Tips For A Lotion Stain:

Use Cold Water:

Hot water could make the stain permanent and impossible to remove. Some websites say that hot water could set the stain or even mess up the dye of the product with the stain.

Don’t Dry:

Do not put the item into the clothes dryer. This will set the stain permanently and make it impossible to remove. You could put the item in the dryer ONLY if you set it to air dry. Otherwise, you could put the item on a clothes rack and let it dry that way.

Check Your Stain Remover:

Check your stain remover product to make sure it is safe for your particular fabric. Always test out a small patch before applying large amounts of stain remover. Some products

For example, you don’t want to use bleach on a colored shirt. That will create another larger stain that is impossible to get out.

Use An Oil Stain Remover:

Use a stain remover that will get oil stains out. Some stain removers will only take out water-based stains. These kinds of stain removers will not help any. Check the bottle and make sure it says that it will remove oil stains.

How To Prevent Lotion From Staining:

Apply Less Lotion:

The first tip is to apply as little product as possible. Don’t put a whole bunch of hand lotion on your hands and then try to rub it in. This can cause excess product to splatter and spill on your clothing or flooring. This will also eliminate the use of extra product.

Start with a little product and gradually apply more until you have enough. You never want to use more hand lotion than needed. More is not always better in any situation.

Some companies will put pumps on the hand lotion bottles that pump out too much product. They do this to get you to use more product that you really don’t need. Sometimes only half of a pump is needed to get the right amount of product.

Rub The Lotion In Well:

Make sure the product is fully rubbed in after applying it. Some people will wipe their hands on their pants after applying. If you have extra residue on your hands this can cause a stain. You also don’t want any lotion on when touching sensitive parts of your body such as your mouth and eyes.

What Types Of Materials Will Lotion Stain:

Hand lotion has the ability to stain any type of material. This can include but is not limited to:


Most cloth items should be treated as stated above. However, getting a stain out of leather can be very difficult.

Get A Stain Off Leather:

If you get lotion on leather it needs to be wiped off fast. Get a damp rag and wipe the lotion off gently. Use a soft microfiber rag that will not harm the leather.

The faster this gets done the less risk that a stain will occur. If the stain has already left a mark it might be impossible to get it out anymore.

What Is A Permanent Stain:

A fabric stain is when the cloth of the fibers become permanently discolored. This is done when the product of a stain forms a chemical bond with the fiber of your clothing. This chemical bond process will speed up with direct heat of the fabric. This includes putting the item inside the clothes dryer or even hanging the item outside in direct sunlight.

Just because a product does stain doesn’t make that product full of bad chemicals or bad for your skin. You can buy lotion without harsh chemicals and it still will stain clothing. This is because of the oil in the product. The oil in the hand lotion is really helpful to your skin however, its downside is that it can stain easily. Different types of oils that provide moisturizing power could stain.

After this chemical bind is set it will be impossible to remove the stain.