The top annoying reasons we get dead skin and how to prevent it:

What Causes Dead Skin:

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had some dead skin on my body.
That made me wonder…

What really causes dead skin?

I did some research and this is what I’ve found.

It turns out about every 2-3 weeks the skin cells on our body die and new ones take over. This is a natural process that happens without us even knowing about it.

Every day our skin cells are dying and a new one takes their place.

Most of the time the dead skin sheds itself off.
It is either rubbed off naturally or falls off when we remove our clothing.

But, some people can get a build-up of dead skin when the old skin cells don’t fall off.
This is called Ichthyosis Vulgaris.

Ichthyosis Vulgaris can happen anywhere on the body. But, it’s more common on the arms, legs, and feet.

It looks like fish scales all over your skin.

A bad skincare routine can shorten the life of skin cells and cause dead skin.
It’s always important to take care of your skin so you can get the most from it.

Skin cells that die faster can result in more of a dead skin buildup.

The main thing that causes dead skin is your body isn’t shedding off all your dead skin cells.
We have over 30 billion skin cells on our bodies.


Does Everyone Have Dead Skin:

I had someone ask me if everyone has dead skin. The truth is that everyone gets and has dead skin. Dead skin doesn’t discriminate and affects everyone at any age.

Some people just seem to handle it better.


How Do You Get Rid Of Dead Skin:

A friend and I put together a skincare routine to help get rid of dead skin. If you know us, you will know that we are pretty simple people and want to use the least amount of products as possible.

Some skincare routines for dead skin can use over 5 different products.

We came up with this routine to avoid using as many products as possible.

This works for dead skin on your body, arms, and legs. It doesn’t matter where you have dead skin, our routine should help get rid of it.



The first step you want to do is wash or cleanse your skin. This helps remove any dirt and prepares the area for the next step.
Washing also helps prevent anything from scratching your skin later on.

You should be fine to use any kind of wash or cleanser that you want.
If you’re susceptible to dry skin, you might want to try one that won’t dry your skin out as much.

Take some and cleanse the area for 30-60 seconds.

Rinse completely with warm water.



Another thing you will want to do is exfoliate your skin. This will help remove any dead skin from your body. Freshly exfoliated skin should also help smooth out your skin.

One of the only ways to get rid of dead skin is to exfoliate it. The other way to get rid of it is to wait for your body to naturally shed it. This can take a long time and may not be as effective in certain people.

The best kind of exfoliating product that we like to use is a sugar scrub.

Salt scrubs can be too drying.
Chemical scrubs can be too complicated.
Other scrubs may have plastic beads that are bad for the environment.

Never overdo a scrub for your dead skin. Always follow the directions to get the best results.

Most say to exfoliate about every three days.
Anymore could cause additional irritation or redness on your skin.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t overdo exfoliating.
If you already exfoliated your skin recently, you can skip this step until its time to exfoliate again.



The final step is to moisturize your skin with a high-quality moisturizer or lotion. Using a high-quality moisturizer is key to providing lasting moisture to your skin.

A moisturizer may not get rid of dead skin. It will help other skin cells stay moisturized and will certainly help the appearance of dead skin.

Cheaper moisturizers use cheap filler ingredients.
This keeps the cost down low so it looks like a good deal.

We recommend applying the same amount of moisturizer that you normally would.

Both of us also recommend using moisturizer multiple times a day.
Start off with 3 times a day and see how that goes.

As you get rid of your dead skin, work your way down some.
There is no point in using a lot of moisturizers if you don’t need it.

Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of dead skin on certain parts of your body:

On Your Entire Body:

Some people have dead skin all over their bodies that they need to get rid of.

One of the best tips is to use an exfoliating product that has soap in it. This way when you’re in the shower or bath, you only have to use one product for two different jobs.

Another tip is to use an emulsified body scrub. An emulsified body scrub has an emulsifier in it and that makes it really easy to go over all your skin.

The oils in both of these should really help hydrate and benefit your skin.


On Your Arms:

Getting rid of dead skin on our arms is one of the main areas that most people ask me about.

My friend and I both agree that the skincare routine above will help get rid of dead skin on your arms.

In addition, we would recommend using an emulsified body scrub on your arms.

It would be really easy to apply to your arms and the ingredients can benefit your skin.
Depending on the environment you live in, the sun and weather have a lot to do with your skin.

Using a really high-quality emulsified body scrub on your arms can easily provide you with good benefits for whatever environment you’re in.

On Your Legs:

Dead skin on your legs can be really annoying and hard to get rid of. We recommend you use the three-step system that we said above in this blog post.

That should already start to give you good results.

In addition, you may want to use a pumice stone in addition to exfoliating.

A pumice stone is an exfoliating stone that is formed when lava and water mix together. They do a really good job of exfoliating and smoothing out your skin.

Always use a pumice stone and an exfoliator at the same time and the same day. This ensures that your skin will get a break and time to recover from exfoliating.

Sometimes it is necessary to use both an exfoliant and a pumice stone.
They can work hand in hand together.

The pumice stone will usually get rid of the dead skin that the exfoliant doesn’t and vice versa.

Can Soap Remove Dead Skin:

Generally, most of the soap that you can buy won’t remove dead skin. Most of the popular soaps that you can buy in stores aren’t formulated to remove dead skin.

Some people say that regular soap can remove dead skin.
If this was the case, none of us would have any dead skin, since we take showers regularly.

But, putting regular soap on a washcloth could help you remove some dead skin. This is because the washcloth is rough and can help the skin shed off the dead skin cells.

This is where most people get confused. It’s actually the washcloth that acts as an exfoliant and removes the dead skin. The soap being used has nothing to do with it.

This won’t remove a lot of dead skin and isn’t meant to replace your skincare routine for removing dead skin.


If you want the soap to help remove dead skin, you will need to look for a certain type of body soap. The best kind of soap that can remove dead skin is an exfoliating body soap.

Exfoliating body soap is specifically formulated to help exfoliate the skin. This means that it will help the skin remove dead skin while cleansing the body.

It’s important to have a skincare routine while using this kind of soap. Just because your using exfoliating soap doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything else.

It’s still important to moisturize your skin to get the best results.

Sometimes they can be hard to find. You just have to keep looking at different stores and asking for it. Sometimes it’s just easier to order it online.

I’m always surprised that this kind of soap isn’t as common as most other soaps.

Always follow the directions when using this kind of soap. If you have any questions it’s best to contact the manufacturer so you know you’re getting the right information.

Is Removing Dead Skin Good For You:

For most people removing dead skin is good for you and can even give you some benefits. I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak about myself and others I have talked to about this.

I put together a few reasons why removing dead skin can be good for you:

Smoother Skin:

Removing dead skin can make some people’s skin smoother and softer. This is because when skin cells die, they often become dry and rough.

The reason they are dry and rough is that the cells are dead and lotion or moisturizer doesn’t have any effect on them.
They are not living and no cosmetic product will help them.

Removing dry and rough skin cells will make your skin smoother.


Make More Room:

Another reason removing dead skin can be good for you is because it makes more room on your skin.

Dead skin takes up space on our bodies.
This prevents younger cells from taking over.

Oftentimes, the younger skin cells are smooth, soft, and well hydrated.

If you ask anyone, I think they would say it’s better to have that kind of skin cells compared to dead ones.


Less Irritated Skin:

Sometimes dead skin can be irritating. I know when I get dead skin, sometimes my skin gets a little irritated and it just doesn’t feel right.

It seems my skin will often itch and just feel bad overall.
After I start to exfoliate and remove my dead skin, my skin feels good overall.

My skin doesn’t itch anymore and isn’t that irritated. I can notice a big difference once I remove the dead skin.