An organic body scrub is a body scrub that is made with organic ingredients. These ingredients typically include salt, sugar, or even coffee. Organic oil is also added to the mixture. A few examples of different oils that are used are coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. An organic body scrub is a mixture of exfoliants and oils that you apply and rub onto the skin to help exfoliate dead skin cells.

The purpose of the body scrub is to help exfoliate dead skin cells from the body. The most common thing is that you get smooth skin and many people have had other benefits from using a body scrub.

To be considered organic, the farm where the ingredients produced have to go through strict standards and apply to become a certified organic farm. This can be a long tough process for many farmers. The farm can then be inspected at any time to make sure that they are performing the organic standards and not just calling themselves an organic farm.

An organic farm has to have certain land requirements such as the amount of any chemicals sprayed. The farm also has to look for organic seed and has to follow a strict crop rotation plan.

The main reason why people chose to go organic is that the ingredients are safer to grow for the environment, you avoid leftover sprays or chemicals that could make its way into the products, and they believe that organic is overall better for their skin.



Are All Body Scrubs Organic?

Not all body scrubs are organic and most sold at retailers are not organic either. You will have to look around if you want to find an organic body scrub.

The main reason why most body scrubs aren’t organic is due to the process of becoming organic and the cost to become organic. Many companies want to stay competitive with pricing and won’t offer organic due to the higher pricing it costs.



What Are The Benefits:


You Know What Is Going On Your Skin:

The largest benefit is knowing what exactly is going on your skin. The body scrubs have to be made with organic ingredients and that limits the way the ingredients can be produced. An organic ingredient can’t use any sprays and pesticides. The seeds also have to be GMO-free.

This means that it’s impossible for any leftover residue or sprays to get into your organic body scrub. However, It’s rare for the leftover residue to be inside the container and get be absorbed into your skin.


No Chemicals:

Another good benefit of using one is that no chemicals are involved in the growing process. This means a few things. First, it helps out the environment by not having and spray wash off and end up in our water system. This helps ensure that our waterways are kept clean.


Helps Out Small Farmers:

A lot of organic ingredients come from small farms. Many times these farms are family-owned and passed down from generation to generation. Some companies will only buy their ingredients from a small organic farm where the farmers have been growing organic materials their entire lives.

If this is the case, most companies will put something on the label saying so.



What Are The Cons:

When deciding what type of body scrub, you will have to go through a lot of information to decide if an organic body scrub is right for you. I have put together a few negative factors that you may want to consider before purchasing one.

It’s up to you in the end if you want to purchase a regular scrub or not.



The number one con is going to be the price. Most of the time they will be considerably more expensive. This is because getting the labeling requirements done are complicated and cost money. In addition, the cost of organic ingredients is considerably more than the same ingredient that isn’t organic.

Not all of them are expensive though. If you look around you will be able to find some good competitive prices. Also, they are becoming more popular with the public and that causes companies to compete with each other and eventually lowering prices.


Are Non GMO Ingredients Bad?

The only other con I can think of is that I could find no study where the ingredients are better for you compared to regular ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of information that says organic ingredients are better for the planet and environment. That should be considered if you are deciding to buy an organic body scrub or not.

Those are the only cons that I could think of. Purchasing and using one isn’t going to be bad for your skin. I find that in most cases the benefits usually outweigh the negatives and most people that want one are happy with the one they purchase.



Will I Get Faster Results With An Organic Body Scrub?

Using an organic body scrub won’t give you any faster results. The organic materials used in the body scrub don’t have anything to do with the results you could get from the body scrub. This is because the ingredients on a body scrub aren’t absorbed into your skin. All of the ingredients are going to do the same job no matter if they are organic or not. You shouldn’t expect to see any faster results.


Take Your Time:

All body scrubs take time to see results no matter if they are organic or not. You need to keep using a body scrub on a regular routine before you can start to see any results from it. It can take some people a few months of using a body scrub on a routine before they may start seeing any results. Everyone has different skin and some people may not see any results from a body scrub. Some people have a skin where they can see results faster and others take a while to see any results.


Organic Lifestyle:

However, some people chose to have an organic lifestyle and an organic body scrub won’t hurt them. It’s really hard to say how the ingredients were produced if the label doesn’t say organic. Many people don’t want to put a body scrub or any other products on their skin that isn’t organic.

When a body scrub is labeled organic, it means that the ingredients in the scrub were grown organically. Some people may just choose to get a product that is organic and that is completely fine. However, doing so won’t get you results any faster compared to a regular scrub.

All of the ingredients in a body scrub can be produced organically. It may be harder to find one if the store doesn’t have a wide selection.



How Can I Make Sure I Get An Organic Body Scrub?

It can be hard to make sure that you are getting the right kind of body scrub. Just because the label says it’s organic doesn’t mean that is always the case. Sometimes companies will miss label products on purpose and on accident. The Food and Drug Administration has nothing to do with the labeling of a product if it’s labeled organic. Another program called the National Organic Program takes care of that.

I have put together a few tips for you to use to make sure that you are getting an organic body scrub. Although it can be really hard to determine, following these tips should help you determine if the body scrub is really legit.


Check The Label:

This is the fastest way to see if a body scrub is organic or not. Look for organic anywhere on the label to see if it’s organic. You could also check the back of the label for the listed ingredients and see if the company put the word organic on front of the main ingredients. The downside to this is that you really can’t prove that the ingredients are really organic. A company could easily make labels that say organic and not have actual organic ingredients in them.


Look At The Reviews:

The reviews of a product can say a lot about it. A product that has a lot of high reviews means that people can trust the product and company. If you see a lot of bad reviews that make you question or think twice about the product, it’s best you avoid and find another body scrub to purchase.


Check The National Organic Program:

If you have any other questions you could always check with the National Organic Program. If a company seems fishy you could try to contact the National Organic Program and see what they recommend to do.

Overall, these cases are rare and most of the products that are labeled organic are really organic. If caught mislabeling a product a company faces huge fines and backlash and the government can even get a cease and desist order from a federal judge to make the company stop selling products until the problem is fixed.



How Do I Use An Organic Body Scrub?

You can use one the same way that you would use a regular body scrub. You don’t have to do anything different. I will leave some tips and tricks for you to use any kind of body scrub.



The first thing you want to do is shave the area of skin you’re planning on using it. Shaving doesn’t make it work any better, it prevents you from irritating the skin more if you shave after one. If you don’t shave or are not planning to shave for a few days, you should be fine and don’t have to shave


Wet Your Skin:

Any kind of body scrubs should be applied to wet skin. Your skin doesn’t have to be soaking wet or anything like that. Just having damp skin will help the organic body scrub glide over your skin easier and help prevent irritation. Most body scrubs use a beneficial oil in them but you should still wet your skin to help it out.


Apply The Product:

Take some of the body scrub from the container and apply it to your body. You want to massage the body scrub into your skin using the tips of your fingers. Massage the body scrub into the skin using light pressure. It’s hard to describe the amount of pressure you should use. If you think you’re using too much pressure, you probably are. Listen to your skin and use your best judgment.



Wash the body scrub off. You can use warm or cool water, it doesn’t matter.



I really recommend that you follow up a body scrub with a high-quality moisturizer. A moisturizer will keep your skin soft, help heal your skin faster, and help prevent dry skin. Use a moisturizer every day, even the days that you don’t use your organic body scrub.



Does An Organic Body Scrub Last Longer?

An organic body scrub won’t last any longer compared to a regular body scrub. This is because organic ingredients won’t last any longer when compared to non-organic ingredients.

A body scrub will most likely have a preservative added to it. This just means that it will help prevent bacteria from growing inside the body scrub and it will last longer. A regular body scrub will also have the same kind of preservative added to it as well.


Check For A Preservative:

I would watch out for companies that say their body scrub doesn’t have a preservative added to it. Sometimes companies say that a preservative isn’t needed, that the body scrub will last the same amount of time no matter if one was added to it. Water can easily enter into the container and start growing bacteria that way since many people wet their skin before applying the body scrub.

I would avoid those companies at all costs, your health isn’t worth it. Some people can get very sick from using a body scrub without a preservative if somehow bacteria enters the container. Use a preservative as a precaution, your organic body scrub will last longer.

A container of organic body scrub won’t last long either. This is because you will still end up using the same amount of body scrub for your body. An organic body scrub doesn’t allow you to use less product.



How Often To Use An Organic Body Scrub:

How often to use a body scrub depends on person to person. Everyone has a different way that their skin will react to an organic body scrub. Some people have skin that seems like they can use a body scrub daily and not have any problems. Other people need adequate time to rest their skin before using another body scrub.

You need to see what kind of skin you have and then react to that.

After the first time you use a body scrub, you will notice what kind of skin you have. If you don’t notice anything at all, you probably have tougher skin and could use a body scrub more often. If you notice redness or anything like that, you probably want to wait longer until you use another body scrub.


Every Three Days:

I recommend doing a body scrub every three days. This seems like it gives most people enough of a resting period and isn’t too much for their skin. You should always test it out and first though. If you feel like your skin isn’t ready for another body scrub after three days, wait a few more days. It’s not a requirement that you have to do an organic body scrub every three days.

Another recommendation I would make is that you shouldn’t use a body scrub daily. It doesn’t matter how well your skin reacts to the scrub. Your skin needs a few days to rest between body scrubs. If you don’t provide enough time for your skin to rest and heal itself, you could face some problems with your skin. Many people have complained about excessive redness, soreness, and tingling of the skin from using a body scrub too often. Use your best judgement and increase or decrease how often you should use an organic body scrub.