Most body scrubs have ingredients are simple and easy to understand. Many just have an exfoliant, oil, and a  preservative. You can also find different body scrubs that contain other ingredients such as soap, fragrances, and essential oils. Most body scrubs are going to be the same ingredients-wise and it’s just personal preference on what kind that you actually get.

Here is a list of all the ingredients:


The main exfoliant in a body scrub is probably going to be salt, sugar, or coffee. These are going to be the ingredients that help remove your dead skin cells from your body. Sometimes a combination of two different exfoliants is used together. However, most of the time just one of those ingredients is used alone.



Another ingredient that a body scrub must have is some kind of oil. It may sound strange to some people but using oil on your skin can be beneficial. The purpose of the oil is to help the other ingredients go over your skin easily. A body scrub would hurt and be too rough on your skin if it doesn’t have any oil in it

The most common types of oil that are used are coconut, jojoba, almond, rice bran, and olive oil. These oils can be used by themselves or mixed with other oil. If you look at the ingredients of most body scrubs you will notice that a lot of times multiple kinds of oils are used. This is because some oils can leave you with a greasy feeling or sometimes they want you to get the full benefit of multiple kinds of oils.



Sometimes companies put soap into a body scrub. This is completely fine and I don’t see anything wrong with doing this. Just remember that a body scrub isn’t designed to be used everyday and therefore shouldn’t replace your regular body soap. The soap can help make the exfoliant glide across the skin just like the oil does. The soap will also do what soap does best, cleans.


Essential Oils:

Essential oils can sometimes be added ingredients to a body scrub. Some people say that essential oils can help their skin out while others say that they just like the smell of them. Lavender is a common essential oil added to the rest of the ingredients. People say that lavender is calming to the skin as well as very relaxing. Some essential oils shouldn’t be used if your pregnant and you should check with your doctor for a full list.

A preservative is another ingredient that is added to a body scrub. This prevents germs and bacteria from living and growing inside the product. It’s true that bacteria can’t grow without water and water isn’t an ingredient in a body scrub. However, water can easily be added to a container from wet hands or simply water vapor getting under the lid. It’s always best to play it on the safe side, especially when it comes to your health.



Are The Ingredients In A Body Scrub Harmful?

The ingredients in a body scrub aren’t harmful to most people. All of the ingredients in a body scrub should be safe to use on your body. The main ingredients are salt, sugar, or coffee for the exfoliator. All of these products are safe to use if you’re not allergic to them.



The other main part of the ingredients is oil. The oil is not only good for your skin but can also be helpful to your skin. Most oils aren’t harmful and could even help with inflammation and are antibacterial. People have been putting oil on their skin for years without any harmful problems.

The only way that the oil could be harmful to your skin is if you use the wrong kind of oil for your skin. Some people with acne-prone skin may want to use an oil that won’t be harmful and could cause more acne breakouts. Jojoba oil is a great example of an oil to use if you experience acne breakouts.

None of the ingredients in a body scrub get inside your body and therefore not harmful that way. Some people think that the salt, sugar, or oil actually enters the body and could be harmful.

The only way these ingredients could get into your skin are from an open cut or wound. However, if you have any skin or health problems, you need to talk to a doctor before doing a body scrub.



The only harmful ingredient that you should look out for is parabens. Many studies have been done on them and not a lot of good has come out of them. Check the label and make sure it’s paraben-free to help ensure that your skin won’t come into contact with this potentially harmful ingredient. Some body scrubs are paraben-free but it’s not listed on the container. You may have to check on the label to double-check before buying a body lotion.

A body scrub should never be performed on skin that isn’t healthy.



Will The Ingredients In A Body Scrub Spoil?

It’s possible for the ingredients in a body scrub to spoil. This can be caused from a few different ways, but the two main ways are from too much water getting into the product or the ingredients just got old and started to spoil.

Even though a body scrub doesn’t have water in its formula, it’s possible to still get water into the container and cause the body scrub to spoil. The water could cause the growth of bacteria inside the container. It could even cause mold in some cases that could cause respiratory problems.



The oil in the body scrub has a very long shelf life and you shouldn’t have to worry about the oil spoiling unless you kept it for a very long time. Some oil such as coconut oil can last as long as two years until it will start to spoil. This give you plenty of time to use the body scrub before the ingredients expire.


Other Ingredients:

The other ingredients in the body scrub shouldn’t expire right away. The main exfoliator part of the body scrub last a long time. This is the ingredient that should last the longest. The three main ingredients used as an exfoliator are salt, sugar, or coffee. All of these have a shelf life that will last a while.

It’s always best to throw away any body scrub that is over 1 year old just to be on the safe side. A body scrub is very cheap to buy when compared to a doctor visit because you may have used it after some of the ingredients have spoiled.

Some body scrubs will have an expiration date on the container. They normally state how many months you can use the body scrub before the ingredients start to spoil. Most of these are 12 months before they say that they expire. You should always follow the expiration date on the container before taking any other advice.



Do All Body Scrubs Have The Same Ingredients?

Generally speaking, most body scrubs will have the same type of ingredients but not the same kind of ingredients.

Most body scrubs will have the same type of exfoliators. These include salt, sugar, or coffee. Some body scrubs will have a combination of these ingredients as well. Not all body scrubs will have the same kind of exfoliants in them. For example, some body scrubs use table salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, or kosher salt. All of these are the same ingredient, salt, but they are different kinds of salts.

The same thing happens with the oil used as it does with the salt. Some common types of oil for a body scrub include coconut, almond, rice bran, and olive oil. All of these are oil but they are different kinds of oil.

Some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients or just want to avoid a certain type of ingredient. If this is you, look at the label on the container to see what ingredients the body scrub is made up of.  The ingredients are listed in order of predominance so the most ingredients that are in the body scrub will come first followed by the least amount of ingredients.



What Are The Best Ingredients For A Body Scrub?

The best ingredients for a body scrub really depend on what type of skin you have. I will go through a few different skin conditions below for the best kind of body scrub to use:


Dry Skin:

Any kind of body scrub might help with dry skin. I would look for a body scrub that has Jojoba oil or Argan oil in it. These two oils are great for dry skin and are non-comedogenic. You need to moisturize daily and even after a body scrub to help prevent more dry skin from happening.



People seem to love coffee scrubs with it comes to helping with acne either on the body or face. A body scrub won’t help hormonal acne, it might just help acne you get from everyday life. You could go with a coffee scrub with an oil that is non-comedogenic such as jojoba oil or argan oil.



A body scrub won’t make a scar disappear but it may make it less noticeable. Any kind of body scrub and any kind of oil should do the trick on helping a scar fade. The main trick is to keep using the product and not to give up halfway through.



The best kind of body scrub to use on wrinkles is any kind that you will keep using. Some people say a body scrub won’t help wrinkles while others say that it helps but will take time. Any kind of body scrub, with good quality ingredients, should be fine to use.



Coffee is going to be your friend with this one! Many people who review coffee scrubs say it may help with cellulite if given a chance to. The kind of oil won’t matter when it comes down to it.

Always remember these are reviews from other people and a body scrub may not work or be right for yourself. Everyone has different skin and will experience different results.

I’m not a medical doctor and you should always consult with your doctor for treatments.



Do Body Scrubs Have A Preservative?

Most body scrub ingredients do include a preservative. But, you will have to double-check and make sure that a preservative is included in a body scrub. Most body scrubs that you buy at a store will have a preservative in them.

This could be for a number of reasons. A body scrub without preservatives will have ingredients that will spoil faster. Some can spoil as much as a few days after making them. This is a huge liability reason and most companies will make sure that a preservative is included in the ingredients to help keep the customer safe. If you buy your body scrub from a homemade store, you will have to watch out for a preservative.

Sometimes a preservative isn’t included. You should never buy a body scrub that doesn’t have a preservative included in the ingredients.


Warning Signs:

A big red flag is when someone says that a preservative isn’t needed for the ingredients in the body scrub. People oftentimes say that certain ingredients such as vitamin e preservative act as a preservative. Any vitamin e ingredient will not act as a preservative.

Another miss conception is that a body scrub doesn’t need a preservative since it doesn’t contain any water. While technically this is true, what happens if you accidentally get water inside the container?

Now you have some water in the container that could grow bacteria. Most people use a body scrub in the bathroom after they get their bodies and hands wet. Now, this could be a problem.


Stay Safe:

A good high-quality body scrub with the right ingredients will keep your skin safe. You won’t have to worry if certain essential ingredients are added to the body scrub. This takes away a lot of headaches and can even prevent you from becoming sick.

Some people are seriously allergic to mold spores and if your body scrub doesn’t have a preservative, you could have spores in your scrub without even knowing it.



Are All Body Scrub Ingredients Made The Same Way?

All body scrub ingredients are not made the same way. Some body scrubs have ingredients that are organic or all-natural, while other body scrubs have ingredients that just normally grown. This can have both benefits and raise some questions. The food and drug administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate and terms on cosmetic products such as organic or all-natural. Most of the time you have to rely on the company and trust what they are putting on the container.

If you are planning on buying a body scrub with organic ingredients you should do your research first and expect to pay a little more. This is because it costs companies more for organic products than they do with regular grown products.


All Natural:

The term all-natural basically means that most of the ingredients in the body scrub are natural. Some people don’t want certain ingredients on their skincare and will choose to purchase an all-natural body scrub. It should be noted that just because a body scrub has ingredients that says all-natural, doesn’t mean that all 100% of the ingredients are actually natural. The word all-natural isn’t regulated in the cosmetic industry and you should do your research of the ingredients before purchasing it.

Most of the ingredients that are in a body scrub are not organic or all-natural. This can be because of a few reasons with the main reason being cost. It costs a lot more to produce ingredients that are organic. Growers also have to be approved by the government saying that their product is certified organic.

If you are looking for just a basic body scrub you really don’t have to worry about the ingredients. Most body scrubs are made with ingredients that are going to be good for your skin. A good majority of body scrub ingredients are made the same way but not all of them. However, if you are looking for a specific kind of a body scrub, you will have to look over the ingredients.