I had someone ask me if a man should do anything different when doing a body scrub. After doing some research, I put together a guide of what every man should know before doing a body scrub:

First, anyone can use a body scrub and this includes men. Men don’t have any different skin and could benefit from using a body scrub. A lot of body scrubs are geared toward women but men can also use them too.

If you look you will be able to find a body scrub that is geared toward men. However, the ingredients are really the same and it’s just the packaging that is really different. More men are starting to use body scrubs and are loving the benefits.


Do They Make Body Scrubs For Men?

Some companies do make body scrubs specifically for men. The main ingredients of these are going to be the same as a regular body scrub. The main difference is certain body scrubs have different scents added to them. The packaging will also be different since it’s geared toward men. Everything else is going to be the same.

If you can’t find a body scrub that you like, you could always get a regular body scrub. Many body scrubs come unscented so that should be fine for you to use. Some body scrubs that are geared toward men can be harder to find.

Certain stores such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon do sell body scrubs for men.



Do Men Benefit From A Body Scrub?

Men can receive many benefits form a body scrub. I will go through some of the main benefits that other men have received from using a body scrub.


Exfoliate Your Skin:

When you exfoliate your skin you are removing all the dead skin cells from your skin. The skin has a natural shedding process to do this. However, exfoliating helps the process complete faster. As a result of exfoliating your skin, many people have said that they often get smoother skin and reduced dark spots.

This comes from exfoliating your skin and not from any secret ingredient that the body scrubs have in them.


Less Acne Breakouts:

Some people have reported that has helped lessen acne breakouts. This is because your pores are being exfoliated and the sebum, dead skin cells,  and other bad oils have a hard time clogging your pores.  When you remove everything through a body scrub, they can’t clog your skin anymore.


Reduce The Appearance Of Scars:

Men have said that using a body scrub a few times a week has helped the appearance of scars that they have. This is not a cure for scars and the scar will not go away completely. However, people have reported that the appearance of the scar has gone down.


Could Help Prevent Ingrown Hair:

A body scrub could help if you’re someone who gets ingrown hairs a lot. Even if you just want to try and help prevent an ingrown hair a body scrub could help. Always use a body scrub before shaving to help with ingrown hairs.

Remember not to use a body scrub everyday as that could hurt your skin.

If you already have an ingrown hair, you could gently go over the area. This may help the ingrown hair according to what other men have said.


The Feeling:

If you have never had a body scrub before, you are in for a treat! The feeling of a body scrub is like nothing else you have experienced. It is a combination of a rough feeling that slides easily over your skin. It’s kind of like giving your body a little massage.

Different body scrubs may have different feelings. This is because of the formula that the company uses. Some use more oil and that will give you a different feeling.



How Often Should Men Use A Body Scrub?

How often to use a body scrub depends on your skin type and how well your skin reacts after the first time using one. Everyone has a different skin type that determines how fast you can use another one. Some men have a skin where it seems like they could use a body scrub everyday of the week and be fine with it. Others have sensitive skin where it needs plenty of time to heal before using the next body scrub.

The only way to tell is to use a body scrub and see what your skin is telling you. Wait it out for a day and look at your skin again.

Do you see any visible signs that you just did a body scrub? If not, you may not have super sensitive skin and should be able to do a body scrub more often. If you do have sensitive skin you will probably see some redness. See how long this lasts and determine how often you should use a body scrub.

I recommend giving your skin a 2-3 day wait before using again. It’s never a good idea to use one too often as it can actually hurt your skin or delay the benefits. If you have super sensitive skin, I would wait even longer. Of course, this depends on your skin and how sensitive it is.

You have to go by what you think is best for your skin. If you go too much you could end up hurting your skin and if you go too less it could be a long wait before you see any results. One thing to keep in mind is that you will not get faster results if you use a body scrub more often. This is a recipe for disaster and can do more harm than good.



How To Prepare My Skin Before A Body Scrub:

Preparing yourself for a body scrub is really easy to do. It only is only two steps that you likely already do everyday. Just make sure that you do these before a body scrub.



It’s a really good idea to shave before using any kind of body scrub. This is because you don’t want to irritate your skin anymore by shaving after a body scrub. Shaving can irritate your skin and even irritate your skin more if you do so after using a body scrub. This could cause soreness, redness, razor bumps, small cuts, or even small scars. This can all be prevented if you shave beforehand.


Clean Your Skin:

Make sure that your skin is clean before applying one. It’s good to get all the dirt and oil off your skin beforehand. This is so that all the dirt, oil, and grime on your skin gets removed before rubbing in the body scrub. The last thing you want to do to your skin is rub in more dirt and oil. This could cause acne breakouts on acne-prone skin.



How Should I Take Care Of My Skin After A Body Scrub?

Using a body scrub can have some real benefits to your skin. You need to make sure that you follow up with the right ways after using a scrub to make sure your skin gets the benefit of it. If you fail to take care of your skin after a body scrub, you are limiting your results.

A body scrub can be a little rough and you could be making your skin look worse if you don’t follow up after using a body scrub.

Here are some tips that I have put together on how to take care of your skin after using a body scrub for men. The good news is that these don’t take long to do. These steps are also very easy to do and should be done everyday after using a body scrub for men to help the skin heal back fast.



This is the most important step. Make sure that you moisturize your skin right after using a body scrub. The reason for this is that lotion can help the healing process of your skin. Your skin may look fine by looking in the mirror, but deep down your skin is starting to repair itself and a moisturizer will help it do just that.

You also want to moisturize your skin at least once a day as well. This is because you have exfoliated the dead skin cells from your skin leaving the new young skin cells. You want to provide these new skin cells with the proper environment they need to thrive. If you don’t moisturize after doing a body scrub, you may not get the smooth skin that you may have been hoping for.

Another reason to moisturize your skin is that a body scrub may temporarily dry out your skin. Even though a body scrub for men has ingredients that help moisturize your skin, some people still tend to get dry skin afterward. This is fine as long as you moisturize your skin afterward. There is no way to prevent this from happening, this is just the type of skin that you have.


Apply Sunscreen:

Wearing sunscreen is also an important way to take care of your skin after using a body scrub. This is because you want to take care of those new skin cells and keep them healthy. You could expose those skin cells to the sun and damage them. This could cause excess redness or even sunburn in extreme cases.

Sunscreen should be worn every season of the year. This even includes wintertime when the sun can be just as bad to your skin as during the summertime.

Wearing sunscreen isn’t as important as moisturizing your skin after a body scrub. But, you should always try to remember to put on a sunscreen everyday to be safe.


Drink water:

Another tip is to try and drink more water. Drinking water helps your skin heal itself and is really good for your skin. Some people say that drinking water alone can help improve your skin. This isn’t something that you have to go overboard with but just keep it in the back of your mind.



Do All Men Need To Use A Body Scrub?

I don’t think that all men need to use a body scrub. But, I do think that all men could benefit from a body scrub. Using a body scrub is something that you should want to use. I don’t think that you should ever force yourself to use a body scrub because you may not follow all the directions, be rushed while using it, and therefore might not get the benefits from it you should be getting.

This is a choice that you want to make yourself. Look at some of the benefits that a body scrub can give you. Ask yourself if you want any of those benefits. If not, you don’t have to use a body scrub or you could find another product that could help you with those problems.



Will All Men Get Results From A Body Scrub?

Not all men will get results from using a body scrub. This can be from a few different reasons but the number one reason, in my opinion, is that you haven’t tried using the body scrub long enough. It can take a few months to start to notice results. This is even if you use the body scrub multiple times per week.

Another reason why you might not notice any results from a body scrub is that you have different skin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing or anything. What it means is that your skin might need a different treatment plan to achieve the goals of your skin.

If you are not getting any results from a body scrub you should check over the directions again. Make sure that you are following all the directions and rubbing the product in light circular motions. You don’t want to press too hard and hurt your skin. Look at the clock and spend your time while doing one. You shouldn’t be in a hurry or rushed when you are performing one. The main thing is to take your time, go slow, and not to miss any spots.

Some people just seem to have the perfect skin that works great with a body scrub for men while others seem to take a little longer to react. Other times you will notice results faster and you should notice the smoothness of your skin the same day right after using a body scrub.

You could also start out buying a small container of body scrub to see how well you like it. If you end up loving it, you can always go ahead and buy more. If you don’t like it you should just finish it up and you don’t have to get any more of it. The good thing is that a small container of body scrub isn’t too expensive and you won’t be out a lot of money if you don’t get the results you’re looking for.



Do Men Need To Use A Body Scrub More Often?

Men don’t need to use a body scrub more often than anyone else. This is because skin all over your body is gender regardless. Your skin doesn’t know if your a man or woman and therefore everyone’s skin will act the same way. Some people think that men have a thicker skin when compared to women. This is untrue and both the skin on men and women are the same.

This means that men shouldn’t use a body scrub more often than women should. A break is needed so the skin can repair itself from the exfoliating. This is true in both men and women. A break of around 2-3 days should give your skin enough time to help recover.



Where Can A Body Scrub Be Used?

Most body scrubs can be used all over the body. Sometimes the body scrub shouldn’t be used on your face. The ingredients could be too rough if you have sensitive skin. The most common places that men use a body scrub are the following areas:


Pay special attention to the face when using a body scrub. This is because sometimes the scrub may be too rough for your face. A lot of men have sensitive skin on their faces and don’t even realize it. Look at the label of the body scrub and see what the direction say on where to apply it. The only difference is a body scrub for the face will have a finer texture to it.



Men can use a body scrub over their chest without any problems. You don’t need to find a certain kind of body scrub to apply to your chest. The most common area that men want to use a body scrub on is their chest.



Men can apply a body scrub to their arms as well. This includes all areas of the arm including the upper arm, lower arm, bicep, and elbow. Pay special attention to areas of your arm that have thicker skin like your elbows. You may need to go over those areas more than once or spend more time on them.


A body scrub for men can be used on your legs as well. Your entire legs can be gone over with a body scrub including your knees, upper legs, and lower legs along with the front and back of your legs.



A lot of men have dry or rough feet and a body scrub should be able to help you out. Our feet are one of the areas of the skin that we seem to forget about the most when in reality they may need the most attention. Our feet have very thick skin and using a body scrub for men on them will help.


Other Areas Of Your Skin:

I covered most of the main areas of your skin that men can use a body scrub on. You should keep in mind that you should never apply a body scrub to areas of broken, irritated, or damaged skin. Always consult a doctor before using a mends body scrub on any of those types of skin.