A body scrub for dry skin will help out your dry skin tremendously. However, to get the most benefits, you may want to use a moisturizer as well. Just using a body scrub for dry skin works great and you should have great results with that.

However, if you want that extra little boost, you should use a moisturizer with it.


What Is Dry Skin And Why Do We Get It?

We get dry skin on our bodies when our skin lacks moisture. Our skin can lack moisture for a couple of reasons such as climate or genetics.

When this happens, we might see little flakes on our skin, this is dry skin. Rough and itchy skin can also be a sign of dry skin. Anyone can get dry skin at any time of the year.

A body scrub is a great way to help get rid of and prevent dry skin on our bodies.


Will A Body Scrub Help Dry Skin?

To get the best experience out of a body scrub, you need to follow the directions on the container. If you don’t follow the instructions, you could make your skin worse. Some people experience redness, flaky skin, or sensitivity to the skin when they don’t use a body scrub the right way.

This is very uncommon to experience if you follow all the directions.

The scrub should help you the following ways:


Provides Moisture:

A body scrub will provide moisture to your skin. If your body scrub doesn’t, then you’re using the wrong body scrub. Providing moisture to the skin will help your dry skin recover and become smooth again.


Get Rid Of Dry & Dead Skin Cells:

A body scrub will also get rid of any dry and dead skin cells that you may have. If you have dry dead skin, no amount of moisturizer you put on it will make it smooth. The skin is dead and will not react to any product.

A body scrub will get rid of that dead dry skin so that new skin cells can take over. When this happens, the new skin cells take over. These young new skin cells are smooth and well hydrated.


Tips For Using A Body Scrub For Dry Skin:

Using any kind of body scrub is pretty straight forward. Just follow the directions on the container and you should be good to go. But, I put together some tips that you should follow so you can get the best experience from yours.



You will want to shave your skin first so you don’t have to do it after the body scrub. Using a razor on the skin that just had a body scrub could result in skin irritation, redness, or razor bumps.

Shaving won’t make a body scrub for dry skin work better or anything like that, it will just be easier to do it beforehand.


Wet Skin:

Most body scrub should be applied to wet or damp skin. Your skin doesn’t have to be so wet that it’s dripping water. This is so that the body scrub will provide less friction and irritation.



Apply the body scrub to your body and gently rub it in. You want to make sure that you are using a light circular motion and using the tips of your fingers. Keep applying and you might have to go over the troubled areas a few times.



Use either warm or cool water to rinse off the extra body scrub. Some people prefer to use warm while others like to use cool water, it really doesn’t matter any. It’s just a personal preference on what you like better.



The last tip is to use a moisturizer after you are finished. The moisturizer will help prevent any more dry skin from accumulating and allow your skin to heal itself up faster.

The faster you can get your skin to heal, the more often you will be able to use a scrub.

Follow those tips and you will have the perfect experience using your body scrub.



How Often To Use A Body Scrub For Dry Skin:

You have to use your best judgment when deciding on how often to use a body scrub. For most people, the answer is every 3 days. Some people may have extra sensitive skin and will need a longer break

Sensitive Skin:

If you have sensitive skin, see how your skin is looking after the 3 days. If you think that you should be fine then go ahead and do another scrub on them. If not, wait a few more days before doing another one. If you ever question using a body scrub for dry skin, it’s best to wait it out.


Non Sensitive Skin:

Some people have a skin where it seems like they could do a body scrub every day and be fine with it. If this is your type of skin, it’s best to give your skin a couple of days break. Your skin needs time to recover after a body scrub for dry skin. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have.

Using any type of body scrub more often will not result in better results. It doesn’t matter what the body scrub is used for.

Never apply a body scrub if you don’t think that your skin is ready for it. Excess body scrubs of any kind can result in red, flaky, sensitive, and tingly skin or even light scaring in certain situations. If you experience any of these side effects, stop using the product right away.


Where Can A Body Scrub For Dry Skin Be Used?

A body scrub can be used anywhere on the body that you want to use it. It’s still important to check the directions before applying the body scrub to make sure you do everything correctly. Always check the directions to see if you can apply it to your face, some body scrubs could be too rough and leave redness or sensitivity to your face.

A body scrub can be applied to the following areas:



The face is going to be the most sensitive area of skin where a body scrub could be applied for dry skin. Be extra careful and make sure not to overdo it on the pressure when you apply the body scrub.



It should be nice and quick to go over your chest. Your chest can get dry skin but won’t usually become so dry that it becomes noticeable or flaky. A body scrub will also help exfoliate your chest if you have acne-prone skin.



We can sometimes forget about having dry skin on our back since we hardly look at it. Applying a body scrub on your back should help with dry or flaky skin.

Have a partner help you apply some of the body scrub if you have trouble reaching your back.



The back of our neck is also another area where we tend to forget about dry skin. It may not be that noticeable to some people, but it’s still a good idea to go over your neck and apply a moisturizing lotion when you’re done.



The arms are one of the easiest places to apply a body scrub. Start with one arm and make sure that you get the front and back. Slowly work your way up and down being careful not to miss any areas.



Some people experience dry skin on their legs. This is can be especially true if you shave your legs since some shaving creams can dry out your skin. Make sure to get all sides of your legs and gently go over your knees with the body scrub as well.



Our feet are one of the main areas that get end up getting a lot of dry skin. A body scrub can be used on your feet to help with the dry skin. It’s easier to apply the body scrub sitting down compared to standing up and holding your foot in the air.


Is A Body Scrub A Good Way To Help Dry Skin?

A body scrub is an excellent way to help out your dry skin. It should be noted that a body scrub should be used with a moisturizer to completely help out your dry skin.


Can A Body Scrub Prevent Dry Skin?

A body scrub is a great way to help prevent dry skin. However, a body scrub may not completely prevent dry skin. This is because a body scrub only exfoliates the skin. You will probably have to use a moisturizing lotion along with the body scrub to get the best out of it.

A body lotion will moisturize your dry skin cells. This will leave the younger new hydrated skin cells to take over. But if you don’t keep your new hydrated skin cells hydrated, they will become dry skin cells and the process will start all over. It will be a never-ending cycle where you have dry skin for a while and then it goes away. This doesn’t prevent dry skin at all.


Use A Moisturizer:

You will probably have to add in a moisturizer to moisturize your skin cells to keep them healthy and moisturized. Both the body scrub and lotion work together to prevent dry skin.

The oil that is in the body scrub will also help hydrate your skin and help prevent dry skin. But, you’re not supposed to use a body scrub daily since that would cause skin irritation.


Sugar Scrubs Can Work Better:

Some body scrub could help prevent dry skin more than others. A body scrub with sugar as an exfoliant will prevent dry skin more when compared to a body scrub with salt. Salt is known to dry out your skin and having that in a body scrub could dry out skin out even more. The last thing you want to do is use a product on your already dry skin and make it worse.

My best advice is to find a body scrub with ingredients that could help prevent dry skin. This can be anything from sugar to coffee. You should also use a high-quality moisturizer to fully prevent dry skin from happening.


Can A Body Scrub For Dry Skin Be Used Year-Round?

A body scrub can be used year-round without causing any problems. The scrub could also have benefits that could help your skin year-round.

If you get dry skin year-round, it’s best that you use a body scrub year-round.



During the spring, everyone is thinking about summertime and their skin. Everyone wants a smooth complexion all over their body and a body scrub could also help achieve your goals.



The summer months can provide a lot of us with an extra oily face. A body scrub and a moisturizer can help control the amount of oil and remove the dead skin cells that could clog your skin and cause acne.



A lot of people get dry skin in the fall and then it continues into the winter months. This is the perfect time of the year to start using a body scrub routine to stay ahead of your dry skin.



Winter is the worst season of the year for having dry skin. This is the most important time of the year to continue using a body scrub to help prevent more from coming on and getting out of hand.


Is It Necessary:

You don’t have to use a body scrub year-round if you don’t want to, that is up to you. Some people only use a body scrub for the benefit of dry skin and don’t need to use it year-round.

A body scrub won’t hurt you if you don’t use it year-round. You have to see what your skin is telling you and go by that. A body scrub may not be needed for your skin to go year-round.



When Not To Use A Body Scrub For Dry Skin:

Sometimes it’s best not to use a body scrub for dry skin under certain circumstances. It’s best that you always check with the label to see where you can apply a body scrub. If you have any of the following skin conditions, it’s best that you hold off on using a body scrub or ask your doctor first.


Cut Skin:

Never use a body scrub anywhere you have cut skin. If you’re using a salt body scrub, salt could get into the cut and start burning. Another good reason is that a body scrub might be to rough on your skin and you will make the cut worse. Sometimes if you keep picking at a cut, it will scar. A body scrub could also do the same to the cut on your skin.


Sensitive Skin:

Test the body scrub out on a small area of skin if you have very sensitive skin. Sometimes people with very sensitive skin can get by doing a body scrub for dry skin less often and other times you should avoid using a body scrub. You will know right away if your skin is too sensitive to handle any type of body scrub. This only applies to a very small percentage of people who have very sensitive skin.



A body scrub should never be applied over a rash on the skin. This could irritate the rash, cause itchiness, redness, or even make the rash spread depending on the type of rash. You need to get your doctor’s approval before using a body scrub for dry skin on any type of skin that has a rash.


Irritated Skin:

Irritated skin is kind of like sensitive skin only irritated skin is more common. Irritated skin could be anything from redness, small bumps, or itchy skin. You could also get irritated skin from a sunburn. The best thing to do is wait until the irritated skin goes away and then apply the body scrub for dry skin.



This one is less common but still deserves some attention. If you have any insect bites such as a spider, snake, or mosquito. You should wait until the bite mark goes away before applying a body scrub for dry skin. Sometimes the bites could have germs or bacteria that could spread across your body when you are using a body scrub for dry skin.

Visit your doctor to take care of the bite if you need to.



Should I Use Anything Else With A Body Scrub For Dry Skin:

The best thing that you need to use with a body scrub to help prevent dry skin is a high-quality moisturizer. A lot of people overlook using a moisturizer and it reduces the full potential for the body scrub to prevent dry skin.

Here are a few reasons why you need to use a moisturizer:


Soothe Your Skin:

A moisturizer will help soothe your skin after applying a body scrub. Sometimes a body scrub will be a little rough on your skin. This could happen for a few reasons, mainly because of the amount of pressure applied to the face.

A high-quality moisturizer should have some soothing ingredients for your skin such as oatmeal, lavender, or even honey. A moisturizer will also help with redness if you get any.


Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

I recommend using a moisturizer with a body scrub to keep your skin hydrated. A body scrub won’t fix the reason why your skin is drying out. Combining a moisturizer with a body scrub for dry skin will help with your current dry skin and the moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated.


Prevent Dry Skin:

The best moisturizers will prevent your skin from drying out. If you’re in an environment where you keep getting dry skin, you need to use a good moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out.

A body scrub for dry skin will also help prevent your skin from drying out. However, you don’t use a body scrub everyday of the week, you could irritate your skin. During this time your skin could become dry and you need to use a moisturizer on the off days to prevent the skin from drying out.


Will A Body Scrub For Dry Skin Help Anything Else?

A body scrub could have other benefits to the skin. You can check out our full blog post here. I put together a list of common benefits that people have reported with using a body scrub for dry skin.


Smooth Skin:

The biggest benefit that you will probably notice right away is the smoothness of your skin. That is because a body scrub can exfoliate the dry and rough layer of dead skin. This leaves behind the new smooth skin cells. This process happens immediately and you will notice it right after you finished your body scrub.


Lessen Dark Spots:

If you continue to use a body scrub over time, you may even notice that your dark spots are fading. Your eyes aren’t tricking you, some people have reported that their dark spots have reduced. The dark spots on your skin probably won’t disappear or anything like that, it all depends on the type of skin that you have.


Overall Look:

Another benefit that some people have reported is that the overall look of their face is better. Some people report that their friends notice something different about their faces. It’s kind of like when you get new glasses or a different hairstyle and people notice it.

Keep in mind that a body scrub will have different results on everyone. Some people may notice a huge difference while others don’t notice as much as a difference. It all depends on your skin type and how your skin reacts to it.


Could A Body Scrub For Dry Skin Make It Worse?

A body scrub could actually make it worse if you don’t follow all the directions on the container of the body scrub. It’s important to read the directions and understand how to use the body scrub before you start using it on your body.

Here are a few reasons why using a body scrub could make it worse:


Using The Wrong Kind:

If you look at the beauty aisle you will see a lot of different kinds of body scrubs. Some are made for dry skin and others are not and may even make it worse.

You want to look at the exfoliant that is used in the body scrub. Check the back of the container to see if they list the ingredients of the body scrub. It will most likely be salt or sugar that is the exfoliant. You want to avoid and body scrub that has salt in it. It doesn’t matter what kind of salt either.

Some people have reported that salt can be very drying to the skin and therefore it could make your dry skin worse. I would recommend looking for a body scrub that is made with sugar in it instead of salt. Sugar shouldn’t be as drying as salt would be on your body. But, everyone has different skin and that isn’t always the case.

The oil that is used in the body scrub likely won’t cause your skin to dry out any further.


You Need To Use A Moisturizer:

A moisturizer will need to be used after a body scrub to help with the dry skin. A moisturizer will do a couple of things including hydrating the skin and preventing the skin from becoming dry.

A moisturizer should also be used to help the skin heal itself after the body scrub. Sometimes body scrubs can be a little rough on the skin and you will need a moisturizer or product with some calming ingredients to help the skin recover. Sometimes a body scrub could be a little drying until your body gets used to it and a good lotion will help you out.


Are All Body Scrubs For Dry Skin The Same?

You have to look at all body scrubs skin since none of them is the same ingredients-wise. Most body scrub works the same way in helping exfoliate your skin.

Let’s start with the two main ingredients of a body scrub, the exfoliant, and the oil. All body scrubs for dry skin will have some kind of exfoliant and an oil. That is the only thing that is the same about them.



The exfoliant is the ingredient that will exfoliate the skin. This means that it will remove the dead skin cells from where you applied the body scrub. The two main types of exfoliants are salt and sugar.



The oil in a body scrub is so that the exfoliant will smoothly glide across your skin. The oil also acts as a moisturizer to help moisturize your skin. Some common types of oil are Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, and Almond Oil.

You will need to look and see if your allergic to any of the ingredients of the body scrub for dry skin before you go ahead and purchase it.