A body scrub should be able to help most acne that is caused by clogged pores. This is because a body scrub will help exfoliate dead skin cells that may also contribute to clogged pores.

A body scrub may not prevent hormonal acne but it may be able to help heal it faster.

This isn’t an overnight cure for acne and it may take a few sessions before the body scrub will start to work for acne.


What is Acne?

Acne is clogged pores on the human body. The pores can become clogged with dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells.

When this happens, the reaction to the human body is to try and fight off this bacteria. This is what can cause red or even inflamed acne.

Another type of acne is hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is a type of acne that comes no matter how clean you try and keep your face. It seems like everything you try and do to your face doesn’t work.

You can get acne anywhere on the body including your face, chest, back, and neck.

Acne can affect anyone at any age, it’s more common for a teenager to get acne though.


How To Use A Body Scrub To Get Rid Of Acne

Using a body scrub to help with acne can be pretty easy to do. A few things that you have to remember are to take your time and never apply too much pressure to your skin.

Applying too much pressure could result in skin that is more red, painful, and can even make your acne worse.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use a body scrub for acne:


Wash Your Skin First:

The first step is to wash your skin where you want to apply the body scrub. This removes and germs, dirt, or oil that could be rubbed into your skin and make your acne worse.

A simple face wash will be fine for your face and a light soap will work if you’re going over your body with the body scrub.


Wet Your Skin:

Make sure that you wet or dampen your skin to provide an easy glide for the body scrub to go across your skin. Your skin doesn’t have to be soaking wet or anything like that.

Body scrubs have a beneficial oil to them that will also help them glide across your skin without creating too much friction.


Apply The Scrub To Your Hands:

Take a small amount of the body scrub and apply it to your hands. Don’t worry about not using enough as you can always add more to your hands. It will be harder to remove extra body scrub and you might end up wasting some if you apply too much to your hands.


Massage Into The Skin:

This is the part that feels the best! Gently massage the body scrub into your skin in a slow circular motion.

Using a circular motion helps the body scrub work better compared to going up and down or side to side.

Keep an eye on the amount of pressure you are applying and never apply too much pressure. You don’t want the body scrub to hurt yourself.



Rinse the body scrub off with warm water.


Dry Your Skin:

Pat your skin dry to prevent yourself from hurting any of your breakouts. If you rub your skin dry, you could hurt one of your breakouts and could break it open and spread more bacteria across your face.



After you’re done, you will want to use a few follow up products. One of the main products is a moisturizer, this will help the skin heal faster and can make your skin produce less sebum if you have an oily face.

It’s also a great time to apply other medication to your face that helps with acne. You could apply any lotions or creams that help moisturize.


Can You Use A Body Scrub Too Much For Acne:

It’s possible that you can use one too often. This is because it will exfoliate the skin and the skin needs some time to repair itself.

Sometimes this usually takes a few days to do depending on your skin type. It’s recommended that you wait 2-3 days until you do another body scrub.

I have put together a few signs that you may be using it too often:


Red Skin:

Red skin is the main sign that you might be using a body scrub too often. This is because the skin doesn’t have time to repair itself after the body scrub.

I recommend that you use a calming lotion right after you use the scrub to help calm your skin and give it a head start.


Dry Or Flaky Skin:

If you experience a lot of dry or flaky skin, you could be using a body scrub too often. Your skin can dry out from overdoing any kind of a body scrub.

If you experience dry or flaky skin after a body scrub, try waiting a few more days until you try it again. Make sure that you are also using a moisturizer right after doing a body scrub to help prevent your skin from drying out.


Painful Skin:

A body scrub for acne shouldn’t be painful. If it’s painful something else must be going wrong.

The two most common causes of painful skin after a body scrub are that you pressed too hard while applying the body scrub or you are using a body scrub too often and are not giving your skin time to repair itself.

If this is the case, wait a few more days and try your body scrub for acne again.

Also, make sure that when you are applying the body scrub next time that you use light pressure while applying.


Can A Body Scrub Cause Acne?

A body scrub could cause acne if you purchase the wrong kind. Body scrubs have oil as an ingredient in them that could cause acne breakouts.

The oil could clog your skin and cause a breakout. You have to make sure that the body scrub you’re using will not clog your pores.

Sometimes companies will say that it doesn’t clog your pores on the container. However, that isn’t always the case. I put together a few tips for you to follow if you’re unsure about the product.


Check The Container:

Some body scrubs will write it on the container if they don’t clog pores. They probably won’t write it on the container if the body scrub will clog pores.

You will want to check for some writing on the container that says non-comedogenic. This is a fancy term that just means that it won’t clog your pores.


Look At The Oil On The Ingredients List:

Take a look at what kind of oil is used in the body scrub. Certain types of oil are bad for acne and could cause breakouts.

Not all types of oil are bad for your face and acne though. Sometimes a company will use more than one type of oil and you will need to check each one to see if it will clog pores.

Here is a list of oil that is in some body scrubs that shouldn’t cause any acne:

Argan Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Oil

These are the safest oils that you want to look for first. They shouldn’t cause any acne while using them on your body or face.

Keep in mind that everyone has different skin and some people could be more susceptible to different kinds of oil.

If you have a different kind of oil in your body scrub, you could check out this website to see how bad that oil could clog your skin and cause acne.


How Long Until My Acne Goes Away From Using A Body Scrub?

It’s very difficult to say how long until acne goes away from using a body scrub. Sometimes you might just get a reduction of breakouts and other times it may not even help your acne.

If a body scrub doesn’t help your acne, it could be because you have a different type of acne. You may have genetic acne and you will still get breakouts no matter what skincare products or routine you use.

If your acne does go away from using a body scrub, it won’t be an overnight process. It may take a few weeks or even a month for your acne to go away.

From my experience, many see a reduction in the number of acne breakouts from using a body scrub. It all depends on the type of skin you have and the cause of your acne.


Skin Type:

Everyone seems to have a different type of skin that reacts differently to different cosmetic products.

For some people, it helps them right away. Other people don’t notice a difference at all. Some skin types seem like they could use a body scrub every day and be fine while others take forever to heal.

If you have a type of acne that is caused by clogged pores, it shouldn’t take you that long until you start to notice a difference between your breakouts.

I would recommend using a scrub for a month or two before deciding if it’s helping you out any.

If you have acne that is mainly caused by genetics, a body scrub for acne may not prevent new breakouts. It really depends on your skin. A body scrub for acne may lessen breakouts or help the acne breakouts go away faster.

The best thing you can do is try and see for yourself.


How Often To Use A Body Scrub For Acne?

How often to use a body scrub for acne depends on your skin. Most people, including myself, recommend using one every 3 days.

It seems that most people have skin that is able to tolerate that resting period. Everyone has different skin and you may need to tweak that number a little.

Some people have a skin where it seems like it takes them forever before they can use another body scrub. Others have skin that seems like they can use one every day and not need any resting days.

I would recommend waiting at least 2 days before doing another one. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have, it needs some time to recover from it.

It also depends on where you are planning to apply the body scrub.

More sensitive skin areas like the face and neck will be more sensitive and need more time between a body scrub.

You could probably get by with using a body scrub more often if you have acne on your chest and back. This is because the skin on your chest and back is thicker and can hold up to more compared to the skin on your face and neck.

You never want to use any kind of body scrub too much though. It doesn’t matter where you are applying the body scrub too.

The best thing you can do is use your best judgment. If you feel like you can use a body scrub more often, do it. Try it out for a while and see how your skin reacts to it. You can always slow down and wait if you start using them too often.

The main thing is to just listen and see what your skin is telling you and adjust accordingly.


Can I Use A Body Scrub For Acne On My Face?

Some body scrubs for acne are meant to be used on your face while others say not to.

This all has to do with the texture of the body scrub as well as the oil that is used.



Body scrubs have different texture because the skin is different in different areas of the body.

A body scrub meant for your face would take more product if you applied it to your feet.

Keep in mind that different ingredients in the body scrub cause different textures. A body scrub with sugar will have a different feeling than a body scrub for acne with salt.

The skin on our face can be sensitive and delicate so a body scrub with little texture is recommended.

If a body scrub is very rough, it’s best that you continue to use it as a body scrub. Some have a smoother texture and this means that it could be applied to your face.


Oil On Face:

Another reason is the oil used in the body scrub. Some oils just won’t feel the best when you apply them to your face.

Different oils have a different feeling on the skin.

Some oils will be too greasy while other oil could absorb into the skin too fast and cause friction. A lot of friction can cause soreness or even redness.

Other times oils can cause acne or clogged pores on the face.

Look on the container of the body scrub and see where it says to apply. I recommend following the label on where to apply the body scrub.

Some body scrubs are just recommended for your body and others are recommended for your face. You could always buy just one kind of a body scrub to see how you like it.


Will A Body Scrub Help Acne On My Back Or Chest?

A body scrub could help acne on your chest or back depending on the type of acne that you have.

A body scrub doesn’t have any ingredients that fight against acne. The job of a body scrub is to help exfoliate dead skin cells. These dead skin cells can clog your skin and create acne if they aren’t removed.

A scrub could help prevent acne, not cure the acne that you already have. But, if the body scrub helps prevent acne breakouts, your existing acne could start to go away.

Some people don’t really care about the acne of their back and chest as much as the acne on their face.

I know I always cared for about the acne on my face since my back and chest were always covered up. I knew that people could always see my face and I worried more about that.

You should take equal time and care for your acne where ever you get it. If you have acne on your back and chest, use the body scrub on your back and chest.

Don’t leave one area of acne alone without doing anything to it. Don’t take my mistake from it.


What Should I Do If I Get Acne From A Body Scrub?

I have put together a few tips if you think that you are getting acne from using a body scrub.

Follow these tips to make sure and take immediate action.

Be sure your body scrub is causing it!

The best thing to do is to make sure that the body scrub is actually causing the acne. Sometimes people start using many new products and don’t know what is causing the acne.

Ask yourself the following questions to help:

Did I start using any new products?

How long have I been using a body scrub?

How long until I got acne after using a body scrub?

If you’re sure that the body scrub is causing the acne, then move onto the next step.


Stop Using The Product:

Stop using the body scrub if it’s breaking you out. Some people say that it takes time for their skin to get used to it and breakouts may occur.

I’m not a believer in this and would personally stop using the product.

Continue at your own risk of more breakouts without a guarantee the breakouts will stop.


Return The Product:

Contact the retailer of the body scrub and see if they will let you return it. Make sure they know that you have gotten an acne breakout from using the product.

If the retailer doesn’t let you return the product, call the manufacturer of the body scrub and ask for a refund. Chances are high that one of the places will accept a return of the body scrub.

If you bought the body scrub online, you may have to pay the postage to send the product back to the manufacturer. Some companies are lucky and will give you a refund without sending the product back.


What Should I Do After A Body Scrub To Help Acne?

A few steps should be taken after a body scrub to help acne breakouts. It’s very important to have a regimen to follow that will help your skin after a body scrub.

Here are a few tips to follow after a body scrub for acne:



A moisturizer does a few things after a body scrub. The main thing is providing moisture to the newly exposed skin cells.

This helps keep them soft and smooth which will keep your skin smooth.

A moisturizer also helps the skin heal itself from a body scrub.

A body scrub for acne has to be a little rough on the skin to help remove dead skin cells. Applying the right moisturizer could help the skin heal faster from this process.

Moisturizers will also keep your body hydrated. This could help with acne breakouts since your skin will be hydrated. This makes it so your body doesn’t have to produce as much sebum to hydrate itself.

This sebum along with other dirt or dead skin cells can clog your pores and can cause an acne breakout.


Apply Sunscreen:

A sunscreen should be applied to your skin daily to prevent overexposure to the sun.

Acne can cause scarring if you get a sunburn over your existing acne. If you any acne breakouts exposed to the sun, it’s best that you apply a good high-quality sunscreen.


Drink Water:

It’s best to drink plenty of water after a body scrub for acne. Your body cells in your body need water and drinking it is the best way for them to get it. Drinking water is also good for any type of skin including acne-prone skin.

Many people say that drinking water has many benefits to the skin. These benefits could include reducing breakouts, smoothing complexion, and even improving overall skin appearance.


How Can I Prepare My Acne-Prone Skin For A Body Scrub?

The good news is that you don’t have to do a lot to your skin before using a body scrub for acne.

I just recommend shaving your skin before performing a body scrub.



I recommend that you shave before you perform a body scrub for acne. You don’t that you have to shave your entire body, shave the area you are going to apply the scrub too.

This is because the skin could become irritated if you try and shave it after a body scrub. It could cause redness or soreness.

Shaving before a body scrub won’t affect how the body scrub works. You won’t get any better results from shaving before a body scrub.

If you’re not planning on shaving, you don’t have to do it. It’s something to keep in mind before performing a body scrub for acne.