Body butter and hand & body lotion are similar products with very different ingredients. Both products may look the same and apply the same to the skin. Heck, they often smell the same, however, the ingredients work different ways. Below we will go through each product with what kind of main ingredients they use and the benefits they may offer.



Body Butter vs Hand Lotion – What’s The Difference:



Body Butter:

Body Butter is primarily made with butters and oils without any water added. This kind of product will normally be a little thicker and may take a little longer to absorb into the skin due to those ingredients.

Some popular butters that body butter is made of are:

Cocoa Butter:

It is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. Cocoa butter is great for many different skin types. However, it may clog your pores if you have acne-prone skin.

Mango Butter:

Mango butter is very rich in vitamin A and a great product to apply to your skin. It’s also a very good moisturizer and it is safe to use on acne or acne-prone skin.

Shea butter:

Shea butter is the most commonly used butter and is healthy for the skin. The point of using Shea butter is so the butter will melt when it hits your warm skin. This type of butter has a melting point of about the same temperature as your skin. When you apply it, the butter will melt into your hands and feel amazing. You can learn more about Shea Butter at this website.


Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand & Body Lotions are going to be made with water and oil added together. These kinds of lotions don’t have any kind of oil added to them. The amount of water in hand lotion is around 70% depending on the formulated recipe. However, don’t let this number fool you, these kinds of lotions work exceptionally well.

Some of the most popular oils used to make lotion are:

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is an oil that is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and absorbs slowly into the skin. However, this oil can clog pores and isn’t recommended for someone with acne-prone skin.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil helps with moisturizing the skin as well as reducing inflammation. This oil has a  medium absorption rate into the skin. It’s not as long as olive oil, however, it doesn’t absorb instantly into the skin. Coconut Oil can also clog pores on your skin and may cause breakouts on people with acne-prone skin.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is my favorite oil and is great for dry skin. This oil is packed with vitamin E and B in the oil to help skin out even further. The best part about Jojoba oil is that it absorbs easily into the skin and great for acne.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil has lots of vitamin E that is excellent for your skin. This oil will not clog your pores and is safe to use with people with acne-prone skin. The average absorption rate makes this oil a good choice. Some people may be allergic to Almond oil if they have a nut allergy.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Application:


Body Butter:

Body butter is usually only applied once to twice a day. This is because some body butter has more of a thick feeling to them and can take a little longer to absorb into the skin. Body butter is safe to apply to anywhere on the body. However, most people chose to avoid putting it on their faces. Some could cause acne or make your face look and feel oily or greasy.

The most common areas to use body butter are:








Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand lotion can be applied throughout your body since it’s fast-absorbing. Many people only think that hand lotion is only meant for hands. However, you can apply hand lotion anywhere over the body. These types of lotions can be applied to the following parts of your body:







I recommend applying hand lotion and body butter as soon as you get out of the shower. This is because body butter and hand lotion will lock in the moisture from the water on your skin.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Feeling:

Both body butter and hand & body lotions will have a different feeling to them. Both of the products work the same and it’s a personal preference on what product you like the feeling of. In my experience, I found that about half of the people like the feeling of body butter and the other half prefer the feeling of hand & body lotion.

Here is a run-through of each of them for you to go through and help decide:


Body Butter:

Body butter is usually made of oils that melt when they come into contact with your skin. These oils usually have the same melting point as your skin. This makes them have a different feeling to them.

The purpose of the body butter is to help create a barrier on top of your skin that keeps your skin hydrated. This means that some people will feel a little greasy or oily feeling after applying it to their bodies.

Some people say that it feels like they have to keep rubbing it on and it takes a while to absorb. Some people don’t notice that at all and never notice it. It just depends on the body butter they used.

Not all body butters have that greasy feeling to them. It just depends on the ingredients that they used when manufacturing it. Some will absorb into your skin quicker while others take a little longer to.

The texture will be soft, smooth, and can be applied to the skin easily.


Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand & body lotion is going to be different then the body butter we mentioned above. Hand & body lotions are lotions penetrate the skin more and don’t really stay on top of the skin. This is because they are made mostly of water and that is easily absorbed into the skin. 

They still have the same effectiveness as moisturizing and preventing dry skin. They just have ingredients that achieve this goal in a different way. They will absorb into the skin fast since they have little oil added to them.

The texture will be the same as a body butter. It will be soft, smooth, and be easily applied to the skin.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Fragrance:


Both products could contain a fragrance. They will typically use either a fragrance oil or some kind of essential mixture to achieve the correct fragrance. This makes both products come in scents that you already enjoy.

It’s possible to buy unscented body butter and hand & body lotions if you prefer. Many people chose the fragrance-free version due to a number of reasons. Some have sensitive skin and others just want the pure product with nothing else added to it.

The fragrance won’t affect how the products work and both versions will work the same on your skin.




Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Storage:


Body Butter:

Since body butter is made with Shea butter, you will have to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity where you store it. I would recommend around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the container or packaging says something different, follow that instead.

If your body butter gets too hot it could change the entire texture of the product. This will probably not ruin the product, it may just become runny or change in consistency.

Some body butters may change consistency if you buy them off the internet. This is because of the extreme temperature changes that the package may go through during shipping. The warehouses are generally very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.


Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand & body lotion shouldn’t be much of an issue because it has very little oils and everything is emulsified together. This means that the water and oil molecules are bonded together and won’t separate from each other.

However, it is still important to read the label and keep the product inside the recommended temperature range.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Moisturizing Power:


Body Butter:

Body Butter will be a little more powerful as a moisturizer since it sits on your skin and creates a barrier. The moisturizing level is very small and most people cant tell. The main difference is how it feels on your skin.


Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand Lotion is a really good moisturizer and preferred by many people. They are still an excellent moisturizer and it can be taken different places without having to worry about the product getting too cold or hot and changing in consistency.

The main point is that you need to keep applying hand lotion or body butter, no matter what brand you have. Overall, both of these are excellent moisturizers and will keep your skin healthy.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body lotion -Germs:


Body Butter:

Body butter is made from mostly oil and therefore it technically doesn’t need a preservative. It’s stated that bacteria will not grow in oil. However, if you have wet hands and put them into the container of body butter you can add water and therefore will have a place for bacteria to grow.


Hand & Body Lotion:

Hand lotion is a different story since it is made up of about 70% water. Bacteria will start to grow immediately after it is made if no preservative is added. This can be very dangerous and make you sick if a preservative isn’t added.


The Bottom Line:

Mold and bacteria can grow very fast and you can even have them inside your product before you can see them with the naked eye. You can potentially be adding a body butter or hand & body lotion to your body that is filled with bacteria and mold spores before you can even see it.

Always make sure that your body butter or hand & body lotion has a preservative added to it. Some people say that keeping a product in the refrigerator and using it up within 2 weeks will be safe. I don’t recommend doing that.

Your health is more important than a bottle of body butter or hand & body lotion.



Body Butter vs Hand & Body Lotion – What’s Right For Me:

Overall, both body butter and hand lotion work really well. It is really only a personal difference on which you prefer. I have talked to a lot of different people and they all seemed evenly split on what product they liked better.


Body Butter:

Excellent moisturizer that uses oil that is great for your skin
The butter used is great for your skin.

Can have a greasy feeling.
It can sometimes feel thick on the skin.
Some body butters could clog your skin.


Hand & Body Lotion:


Can use anywhere on the body.
Fast absorbing.

You may have to use a little more.
It doesn’t glide across you skin like body butter does.

I would recommend hand lotion more as a maintenance lotion. Apply some hand lotion everyday and you will not get dry skin. The good part about hand lotion is that it is not just for hands and you can use hand lotion on every part of the body.



Pricing Difference between Body Butter and Hand & Body Lotion:

The price of both body butter and hand lotion can greatly vary. I have found the price of body butter and hand & body lotion in the range between $3 to $70.
This is a huge price gap and you should make sure you have a quality brand of any product before purchasing them.

The reason the prices vary different is that the kinds of ingredients used, the shipping method, and how popular the brand is. You will be able to find a product in your price range no matter what your budget is.