Some lotions could be safe during pregnancy. But it really depends on the ingredients that are in the lotion. Some ingredients in lotion are not safe during pregnancy. Other ingredients in lotion should be fine during pregnancy. You need to take the lotion to your doctor to get approval on the ingredients.

Harmful Ingredients During Pregnancy:

Here is a short list of ingredients and chemicals that may be harmful to you during pregnancy. These are just some of the most common ones to avoid. Talk to you doctor to get a full list of what to avoid.


Parabens are used in lotion as a preservative to make it last longer. They prevent the lotion from spoiling or growing mold. You want to avoid parabens in the preservative since they can be harmful during pregnancy. Most bottles will say paraben-free on the front of the bottle if it’s really paraben-free. If you have any doubt, just don’t buy it or ask your doctor for approval.


Phthalates are found in products with plastic containers such as lotion bottles. They are suppose to make plastic softer and more flexible to squeeze the product out. Phthalates are not an ingredient in the lotion themselves, but a ingredient that is added to the plastic when it’s made.

Sunscreen: (some)

Some lotions have a sunscreen in them. You want to avoid  chemical sunscreen during pregnancy. The two safest options for sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. As long as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only active ingredients listed on the label they should be fine with your doctor’s approval.


Fragrances are what give the lotion their unique scent. The fragrance themselves are oftentimes made from other synthetic ingredients that you should avoid during pregnancy. Companies will normally put fragrance-free somewhere on the bottle of lotion if there is no fragrance in it.


BPA is a synthetic compound that is found in many plastics such as plastic bottles, food containers, and other plastic household items. BPA is in the manufacturing of the plastic and is not an ingredient that companies add to a lotion. However, the BPA can break down and get into the product if it’s not fully sealed and get on your body.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils can be added to a lotion for scent or skin healing properties. Some people say that essential oils are better than fragrances in lotion. I do agree with that however, some essential oils need to be avoided during pregnancy. They can cause harm if put on the skin during pregnancy.

The reason why lotions and other products can be so bad is that these ingredients can absorb into the skin and then eventually into the bloodstream. This would be exposing your unborn child with these ingredients at a very young age.

Always check your lotion out for these ingredients that you should avoid during pregnancy. Please note that this isn’t a full or complete list of all ingredients that can potentially be harmful.

Organic & All Natural Lotion During Pregnancy:

Organic Lotion:

Organic lotion is supposed to be made of all-natural ingredients and that is a good thing. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate if a product is organic or even the definition of organic. A company could say that they are organic on the bottle when they are really not. It really depends on the ingredients of the lotion. Look at the ingredients and take them to your doctor to double-check.

All Natural Lotion:

A natural lotion can still have chemicals and other synthetic ingredients in it. The FDA doesn’t regulate or define the word natural. You are just taking the companies word on it. Be aware that some all-natural lotions don’t have a preservative. See this blog why all lotions needs a preservative.

Always look at the back of the product label for chemicals and synthetic ingredients. All of the ingredients are listed from the highest percent all the way down to the lowest percent.

Does It Matter Where I Apply The Lotion:

No matter where you apply these lotions, it will not make a difference. You need to avoid the ingredients themselves. Some people think that they shouldn’t just apply those to their stomachs. No matter where on your body, you need to avoid using those products.

This includes:


What Type Of Lotion Could Be Safe During Pregnancy:

Some doctors do recommend some types of lotion to be safe during pregnancy. This includes most of the lotion that is just plain lotion with no other ingredients added. You will want to look for lotions that clearly says on the label.

Look for a lotion that says the following:

Scent Free
Paraben Free

Make sure the lotion doesn’t contain any of the list of bad ingredients listed above and provided by your doctor. either.

Does The Stage Of Pregnancy Affect Lotion:

Pregnancy is divided into three different stages. The first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. The three different stages of pregnancy will not make a difference when using these ingredients. The harmful ingredient will be most harmful from the start of pregnancy all the way until the end.

How Long After Pregnancy Can I Use Lotion:

Normally you can use lotion anytime after pregnancy. However, if you are breastfeeding, you will need to confirm with your doctor of the lotions you are using and all the ingredients. Most doctors will recommend that you still continue not to use the lotion during breastfeeding.

What Are The Risks:

There are many serious risks that you and your baby could face if you’re using a lotion or any product that you shouldn’t be. Talk to your doctor about the risks and the ingredients that you shouldn’t be using. You don’t want to jeopardize you or your babies life.

Many other cosmetic products have these same ingredients not just lotion. You will also need to check over your regular cosmetic products that you use as well to avoid the risks.

Does The Amount Of Lotion I Use During Pregnancy Matter:

No, the amount of lotion that you use doesn’t matter. It can still have the same side effects. The lotion will absorb through your skin no matter how much you apply or where you apply it.

I Just Found Out I’m Expecting, What Do I Do:

The best thing to do is to go over everything with your doctor. Meanwhile, at the very least you could cut out all the lotions that you have that have the ingredients in them to avoid. Most products have those bad ingredients in them.

You can research and make a list of new products that you might want to try and have your doctor look them over. Plan out a few different lotions just to be on the safe side. You might not like a new lotion you picked out or you might not be able to use it.

Is This A Good Time To Change My Lifestyle:

Yes, this would be the perfect way to change your lifestyle. If you are already cutting out the product with bad ingredients, it wouldn’t hurt to stay on that path. The lotions don’t need any of the ingredients in them to work any better, and you don’t need them on your skin either.

My advice would be to find a company that you can trust and build a relationship with. Many people choose to make a healthy choice and you can too.

Do I Need To Use Lotion During Pregnancy:

No, you don’t have to use any lotion during pregnancy. However, most women that I have run across seem to like using different lotions during pregnancy. Nothing is wrong with that as long as you talk to over with your doctor first. The lotions can be relaxing and really help improve your skin. This is especially true in the colder months of the year.