Many people get confused about the difference between moisturizers and moisturizer creams.

A moisturizer isn’t a product that you apply to the skin. It is a benefit that your skin experiences from a product that is put onto the skin. Therefore, they aren’t the same thing. If you are referring to a moisturizer cream; they will be different from a lotion. In this article, we will assume that you are talking about a moisturizer cream.

Lotions and moisturizer creams are closely the same but they are not entirely the same. Both lotions and moisturizer creams will do the same good for your skin. They are great for dry skin, irritated skin, and wrinkles. Many people get good benefits from using lotions and moisturizing creams on their faces without having to spend a whole lot of money.

What Is A Lotion:

Lotions are an emulsification of water and oils. This just means that water and oils are combined together with an emulsifier so the water and oils will not separate. This mixture is around 70% water and 30% oils. However, depending on the company or formula this can change.

The kind of oils that can be used are anything from coconut oil, argan oil, all the way to jojoba oil. The product will also have a preservative added to it to prevent bacterial growth to it.

What Is A Moisturizer Cream:

A moisturizing cream almost the same as a lotion. The water and oils are still going to be combined with an emulsifier. The main difference is the amount of water and oil used.

The amount of water in a moisturizer cream is going to be reduced to around 50%. The other 50% is going to be made from oil.

The same kind of oils that are used in the lotion is also used in moisturizer cream. Moisturizer creams will also need to have a preservative added to prevent bacterial growth to it as well.

Difference Between Lotions & Moisturizer Cream:

The main difference is the amount of water and oil used in a lotion and a moisturizing cream. A lotion is mostly (70%) water and the rest oils. A moisturizing cream is going to be half (50%) water and oils. The real amount depends on the manufacturer but this is a really good reference.

Each company has its own unique recipe of ingredients that they believe is best for your skin.

The difference between a lotion and moisturize is going to be the thickness.


Moisturizer creams are going to be a lot thicker compared to regular lotion. This is because there is more oil in the product. Usually, the thicker the lotion or moisturizing cream the better. But, this makes peoples uncomfortable so companies will reduce the oil. This will make things thicker while water will make them runnier.

Where To Apply Lotions & Moisturizing Creams:

You can apply both lotion and moisturizing cream to anywhere on the body. Both of these products have the same benefits to the skin. Many people stick with using lotion on their bodies and moisturizing cream on their faces. This is up to you what you want to do.

If you are applying more than one product to yourself start with the ones with the lightest texture and work your way up. You can apply lotion or moisturizing cream to the following parts of your body.

Experiment with your lotions and moisturizing creams to see where you like each one. This is all up to you, there are no rules on what product goes where on yourself.


Most people use lotions for the body and moisturizing creams for their face. However, this is no set rule and you should experiment with the different lotions and moisturizing creams to see what is best for you. If you have any medical problems you need to talk to your doctor before using any skincare products including lotions and moisturizing creams.

How Often To Apply Lotions & Moisturizing Creams:

There is no difference between lotions and moisturizing cream when you need to apply them. Both of them can be used multiples times a day for the best benefits. Some people use them up to 3 times a day. It is best to spread them out throughout the day.

I would recommend using it when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed. See how that works out for you and if you need more go up to 3 times a day.

Which To Choose:

When picking between a lotion and a moisturizing cream it’s up to you and your personal preference on which one to chose. The lotion will be a little thinner, absorb faster, and be less greasy. However, the main difference will be the feeling of the product.

If you don’t like wearing heavy cream, I would recommend the lotion. If you prefer a heavier duty product I would recommend a moisturizing cream. The quality of both products is the same and they both work extremely well.

Another thing to consider is to see if the moisturizing cream is meant for night time use. Some moisturizing creams have night time and a day time cream. This is fine however, a night time cream may be thicker and a little more greasy compared to a daytime moisturizing cream.

A lot of companies will make creams and lotions thicker for night times use because you won’t think about how it feels when you go to sleep. During the day you are more likely to be bothered by the thickness and so they make them with less oil during the day.

Benefits Of Lotions & Moisturizing Creams:

Whether you chose to use lotion or moisturizing cream, you could experience a lot of benefits to your skin. A few benefits can be hydrated skin, reduced wrinkles, and soft and smooth skin. There are no miracle products that will fix your skin overnight so be patient when using any skincare product.

Both lotions and moisturizers will help benefit your skin in many different ways. Many people also use lotions and moisturizing creams to help with irritated skin, flaky skin and cracked skin.

Skin types
Lotion and moisturizing creams work the same on all skin types. Everyone has a different skin type from dry to oily, to clear to acne.

You can put lotion and moisturizing creams on oily skin as well. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean that your skin is fully hydrated. Start with a small amount and see how it goes.

If you have acne-prone skin, look for a lotion or moisturizing cream that is labeled non-comedogenic. This means that the product shouldn’t clog your pores and make your acne worse. See this post about acne and lotions. You may have to avoid some ingredients if you do have acne-prone skin.

When Not To Use Lotions & Moisturizing Creams:

You only want to apply lotions and moisturizing creams externally. Don’t use them on broken skin either. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor before using them. Some are harmful to use while pregnant. Also, if you have medical conditions, always ask your doctor before using anything.

Overall Opinion:

My biggest advice would be for you to find a product that you like and that fits yourself. Many companies try to cut corners nowadays and it becomes harder to find the right product. Start with purchasing a small sample of lotion or moisturizing cream just to see how you like it. If it fits yourself, you got a winner.

Read the label and look over the ingredients. If it is a long list of ingredients that you have no idea how to say or what they mean, try looking for a different brand. Many companies use synthetic ingredients and cheap oil to try and cut down on the cost. This will get you nowhere.

High-quality ingredients will cost you a little more but more importantly, they work. The skin is the biggest organ of the human body and you can’t hide it.