Someone has asked me if using hand & body lotion before bed is a good idea.

I found that using hand & body lotion before bed has no benefits compared to using it in the day and is up to you. Some people apply before bed so they can forget about the greasy feeling that some hands lotions have. Other people apply hand lotion before bed so they don’t forget to apply it in the morning.



Is Applying Hand & Body Lotion Before Bed A Good Idea?

Applying hand & body lotion before bed is a great idea. I like to apply them before bed as my nightly routine. I feel that in the morning that I’m always rushed with something else. By applying it at night, I’m always able to remember to put it on.

However, there aren’t really any benefits to applying the lotion at night.

The really main benefit is that if you are using a thick or greasy lotion, you will seem to forget that you have it on.

A lot of companies have night creams that say to apply before bed. This can be due to the fact that the product is thick or has a greasy feeling. By putting the product on before bed, you will probably forget about the greasy feeling when you are sleeping. The product will probably stay on the skin the entire night without getting washed off.

Your skin will win with all the benefits.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to get a scented lotion. Some products are scented with fragrances and perfumes that can be bad for some people’s skin. If you apply a hand & body lotion before bed, no one is going to care what the product smells like. The best part is that your skin won’t absorb artificial scents or fragrances.



How Often Should You Apply Hand & Body Lotion Before Bed?

How often you should apply a hand & body lotion before bed depends on your goals and your skin condition. You can use it before bed every night if you want or just when you think you need to use it.

If you have dry skin, cracked skin, or rough and bumpy skin you should use it before bed more often. If your goal is to keep your hands and body soft and moisturized, you can get by using the lotion every other night before bed.

Sometimes you may forget to use the lotion before bed and that is fine. If you do forget to use it before bed, put some on in the morning when you think of it. There is no benefit to the skin on what time of the day or night you apply lotion.

I love to put my lotion on before bed when I have dry hands so I don’t have to worry about using it during the day.



How Much Hand & Body Lotion To Apply Before Bed:

How much hand & body lotion you apply to your skin before bed really depends on your own skin. If you have extremely dry skin or cracked skin, you will need to use more. It’s very hard to say how much to use when I don’t know what your skin is like.

Also, where you are applying the product affects how much you will use. Larger parts of the body such as the arms and legs will use more compared to other parts of your body.

You could get away putting a little more hand lotion on before bed since when your sleeping you will forget all about it. However, don’t overdo it, more isn’t always better when it comes down to it.

Generally, you want to apply a nickel to a quarter size amount of hand & body lotion before bed. This could also vary if you have cracked skin, that would require more. Put some on before bed and if you don’t think you have enough you can put more on. It’s better to start off with less and then add more as needed.



Will My Hands Feel Greasy In The Morning?

Your hands shouldn’t feel greasy in the morning if you apply hand & body lotion before bed. Hand lotion is meant to absorb fully into your skin and provide moisturizing benefits. Only a small layer of lotion is formulated to stay on the outside top layer of your skin. This prevents moisture from leaving your skin.


Greasy Oil:

The greasy or oil feeling you may feel with some hand lotions is the oil that is used when making the lotion. Some companies use oil that tends to be more greasy compared to others.

Castor and avocado oil are examples of this. They will take longer to absorb into your skin and can leave you with a greasy or oily feeling. This doesn’t mean that the product is bad. It will still work the same way as the other kinds. Some people just prefer not to have a greasy or oily feeling to their skin. Most lotions that you can buy in stores won’t have a greasy feeling to them.

The lotion is made up of around 70-80% water and the rest oils and other ingredients. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about your hands feeling like they have oil or grease on them.

If your hands do feel greasy, make sure that you are not using a body butter. A body butter is made up of all oil and no water and this can cause a greasy feeling on your skin. Not all body butters will feel greasy, some feel a lot better than others.

Here is a blog post I did that compares body butter to hand & body lotions.



Will Using A Hand & Body Lotion Before Bed Stain?

Using a hand lotion before bed could cause stains. This is because hand lotion is made with oils and they do stain. It is possible for stains to happen on your clothes, blankets, sheets, and pillowcase if you’re not careful.

Here are some tips on how to prevent hand lotion from staining:


Make Sure The Product Is Fully Absorbed:

The most important thing is to make sure that the lotion is fully absorbed before bed. It generally isn’t greasy and should absorb into the skin very fast. However, some brands are worse than others. A stain can happen if you have extra product sitting on top of your skin. This extra hand lotion can cause a stain on your clothing or bedding. The biggest tip is to rub it in until the hand lotion is fully absorbed into the skin.

The last thing you want to do before bed is to try to get a stain out.


Don’t Apply Too Much Product:

Applying too much product can have consequences, especially right before bed. Use the right amount of lotion and never apply too much. Using more hand & body lotion will not make you skin better any faster. The lotion shouldn’t be sitting on top of your skin since it can transfer and stain. It should be rubbed in until it’s fully absorbed.

If you have a stain you can check out this blog post.



Will Applying Before Bed Affect My Sleep Quality?

It is possible that applying hand & body lotion before bed can affect your sleep quality. However, applying hand lotion before bed won’t work just to make you sleep. This isn’t a sleep aid and applying it before bed won’t make you sleep well every night.

Some people have really bad cracked or dry skin that it actually hurts their body. When these people apply the right lotion, sometimes it can take away the their pain.


Not So Sore:

If you are applying lotion before bed, it’s possible that you could sleep better due to the fact that your hands are not as sore. If you wake up with sore skin from dry skin, you could try applying a hand & body lotion before bed to see if you can sleep better.

The only way you will sleep better is if you wake up in the middle of the night from sore hands or feet that is due from dry or cracked skin. Sometimes lotions can make your hands feel better and if you apply it before bed, it’s possible that you could get a better night’s sleep.



What Is The Best Kind Of Hand & Body Lotion To Apply Before Bed?

The best lotion to apply before bed is the kind of lotion that you feel is right for your skin. Everyone has different skin and every company has different formulas of hand & body lotion. You should test out different kinds of lotion and see which one you like the best. A lot of companies offer a lot of different kinds of lotions and you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.


My Recommendation:

The kind of hand lotion I use before bed has no fragrances, perfumes, artificial coloring, parabens, or synthetic ingredients. I personally don’t have any problems with those ingredients, but I just know that my skin can go without them.

When I apply my lotion before bed, I want pure lotion. I don’t want any of these other ingredients added to them.